As the new school year begins, I would like to introduce my self. I am Sister Esther Pagdato, O.P and my teaching experience as a whole covers many years, which started in 1969. My classroom experiences likewise varied since I had taught in different levels, ranging from kindergarten, primary, elementary, and high school level. I had also experience teaching in the adult education Program. The geographical expanse of my experience includes Daly City, San Francisco, Hawaii. Kenya (Africa) and the Philippines.  I have some units in the graduate school at University of San Francisco and University of Hawaii. Beside my teaching experience, I would like you to know my philosophy as a teacher.
  • I believe that parents and teachers play an important role in the development of child’s education.
  • I believe that modeling is the most powerful way to affect child’s learning.
  • I believe that a child’s self –esteem should be nurtured tenderly.
  • I believe that my job is to teach until a child learns, rather than punish until he/she learns
  • I believe that home and school working together could make the year a successful one for your child.

This school year, we are looking forward to exciting experiences in the curriculum that enhances classroom learning of your children. Your child will be involved in learning activities that develop good spiritual values, critical thinking, cooperative learning skills, and individual accountability.


Fifth graders are well on their way toward advancement educationally, socially and spiritually. As the students mature throughout the year, my goals will be to help each child to work toward becoming a responsible individual who is able to continue in the development of self- discipline and the setting of personal goals. Then, I will use multiple intelligences to cater to the different learning styles of the students and to make learning fun and interesting.

School Work

The students will be held accountable for their schoolwork as well as for their behavior. Since the major academic focus of our school is to provide an opportunity for each student to achieve his/her educational potential, I will help to ensure each child reach each highest potential.


Homework is very important in the educational process of every learner. It is given for many reasons such as to develop responsibility, to strengthen skills, to promote good study habits, and to give practice or drill for mastering skills.

Discipline Plan is very important in the classroom. It is a key to successful classroom management. It protects students’ rights, it encourages positive behavior, and makes learning effective. It also helps ensure the right of the teacher to teach efficiently. 


The Curriculum that I will be teaching your child is:

Textbook - Faith First Series by RCL for Christian living.  It has 5 Units. 1. We Believe 1. We Worship 3. We Live 4. We Pray %. We Celebrate

Language Arts 

     Consists of: 

  • English – The students will be learning more on “Grammar and Composition”. The English materials meet   the needs of all types of learner. They offer the most language  and writing opportunities for all students; abilities and interests.
  • Writing- The materials that are used are: Step Up to Writing and the Writer Express Series. They help our students to improve their ability to write, (following the “Writing Process”) to think (creatively, logically and clearly), and to learn (in the classroom, in small groups independently)
  • Reading- The Houghton Mifflin Series integrates all the language arts by focusing on literature, fiction and nonfiction reading, writing, and poetry.
  • Vocabulary- Vocabulary Workshop is use to broaden students’ vocabularies and will help them become better communicator.
  • Spelling- It builds students’ spelling power, link spelling to word meaning, connect spelling to underlying purpose for learning it, and develops students ability to write.
  • Handwriting- is based on Scripture Verses. It teaches students to write the correct formation of letters and the message of the Scripture verses that are presented to be copied correctly.

Social Studies- The students will learn about U. S. History from Native American Cultures to the Civil war. 

Math- Common Core Curriculum and California Standards will be used this year. Mastery and fluency are the focused. Mrs. Laura Nordman is the teacher.

Computer- the teacher is Mrs. Fuerte.

Dance – will be taught by Mrs. Manalo

PE-  Mr. Calma

Safe and Caring School 

This school wide program promotes students; learning and well being by targeting skills in self- awareness, and responsble decision-making. Basic to the program is the use of activities that give students creative opportunities to advance their learning ability, self-understanding of others in ways that will result in the productive and rewarding relationship. 

It’s my joy to welcome my 5th graders and their parents to my class. I’m looking forward to an exciting year as we share ideas, talents and interest. Let’s work together to make this year a successful one.