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Saint Thomas Aquinas has traditionally been called the Angelic Doctor but recently is also named the Common Doctor. Pope John XXIII dwelt on the title of St. Thomas as the "Common Doctor" (addressed to the Fifth International Thomistic Congress, September 16, 1960).

His teaching was, more than any other, fully in keeping with the truths that God has revealed, with the writings of the Holy Fathers, and with the principles of right reason and therefore Holy Church has adopted it as her own, and has given the name of common or universal teacher to its author. (TPs, 1960, p 325K)

Thomas is unquestionably the preeminent spokesperson of the catholic tradition on reason and faith. Of all the doctors, none has received higher praise nor more support from the popes than Aquinas-(see Rengers' book, found in the doctoral sources for details.)

Aquinas wrote extensively on Philosophy and Theology and his masterpiece is the Summa Theologica.

The Angelic Doctor was a gentle teacher who believed faith and reason when used wisely together would enable all humanity to know and love God as the angels. He believed that reason itself wouldn't allow us to know God intimately. He was a consummate thinker because Thomas was a consummate lover.