Welcome to 4th Grade!       “E u r e k a”

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Class Representatives and Officers 2018-19

Meet Our Fourth Grade Team

    Mrs. Kim Cordano - Homeroom
    Social Sciences (History)

    Ms. Stephanie Nordman

    Mr. Patrick Calma

    Mr. Patrick Calma
    Physical Education

    Mrs. Catherine Fuerte

    Ms. Laura Reyes

    Kid Stock Instructors

    Mrs. Mhaysie Ruiz

    Ms. Pia Burgois
    Title 1 Resource

      Homeroom Teacher: Kim Cordano

     I have over 18 years of teaching experience and enjoy working with students as they learn.  I am constantly inspired as students develop their creative minds. Teaching is a great experience that fills me with joy. God has blessed me with a job at Holy Angels and I enjoy working with other teachers.  Our 4th grade team looks forward to a successful 4th grade year.

    I earned my Bachelors of Art degree in Art Education from Southeastern Louisiana University and a Masters Degree in Art Education from Louisiana State University.  I have earned two teaching credentials, one from the state of Louisiana and the other from the state of California.

    I have taught many middle school subjects including reading, social studies and English.  I have also taught visual art from first grade through High School. 


Fourth Grade Students Have a Creative and Active Year

Social Science - Study of California History, California Missions and Mission Model Project

Science -  Science Fusion, Interactive Science Program

                    ELA-Common core Aligned:                                    English - Writing Process and Vocabulary Resources      Reading - Predictions and Comprehension

                    Math - Common Core Aligned:                              Multi-digit Arithmetic, Fractions and Decimals

Religion - Faith First and Faith Family

*Students work with teachers who specialize in various content material.

As a SAFE and CARING  SCHOOL, we work to create a school where students learn to be caring friends and responsible leaders.

            Through our Safe and Caring Program, students:

    -Recognize their uniqueness and learn how to appreciate individuality in others.

    -Learn the importance of belonging and inclusion in their school community.

    -Learn the importance of having and following rules.

    -Gain a better understanding of choices and consequences.


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