Email templates

Email templates in "Vzory dopisů" / "Email Templates" sheet can contain reference to all available object attribute name, separated by ${" and "}, e.g.:
  • ${"courseName"}
  • ${"scheduleEndTime|H:mm"} - date format option after pipe 
  • ${"webScriptId"} - published web script project key stored in script properties

Current ECM library version v1.1 uses minimally following Template IDs:
  • REG_CANCELED - used when scheduled course is cancelled
  • CERTIFIKAT - used when certificate is issued
  • OBNOVA_HESLA - used when user wants to reset password to access his profile on web selfcare
  • NOTIFIKACE_AKTUALNIKURZ - used in date of sheduled course
Other templates could be also used if it is enabled in code (for details see ECM library code):
  • REG_OK - used when registration to course was accepted
  • REG_WAIT - used when registration to course is not successful because is over enabled limit of participants
  • REG_FWOK  - used when registration to course was re-accepted
  • PAYMENT_RECEIVED - notification if payment was successfully assigned to student contact
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