Configuration sheet

Configuration sheet is sheet where is structure fixed. It defines all data structures independent on language used in columns names, program logic is using always ID of columns. 

Configuration contains following columns:
  • Remote ID - used for back reference from synchronized sheet to script db
  • Last change - time of the row last modification
  • Category
    • Language - number of defined languages shall be same as is configured language columns
    • Sheet - name of the sheet with link via ID to columns definition
    • Table - name of Fusion table with link via ID to columns definition
    • ScriptDb - name of ScriptDb scope with link via ID to attribute definition
    • Constants - text which can be retrieved in selected language version
    • ID - Sheet/Table/ScriptDb ID which should be same as library namespace, e.g. ECM.Contacts
  • ID - unicate id in every Category
  • EN - name/text in english
  • CZ - name/text in czech
  • SK - name/text in slovak
  • Datatype
    • TEXT
    • NUMBER
    • DATE
  • Type
    • HIDDEN
    • KEY
  • Size - currently not used
  • Formula - currently only spreadsheet formula without = in beginning and containing instead of cell name identification from this configuration, e.g.:
    • IF(ISBLANK(INDIRECT(CONCATENATE("courseId";ROW())));"";COUNTIF(INDIRECT("ECM.Registrations!scheduleId:scheduleId");INDIRECT(CONCATENATE("scheduleId";ROW()))))
    • IFERROR(VLOOKUP(INDIRECT(CONCATENATE("courseId";ROW()));INDIRECT("ECM.Courses!courseId:courseName");2;);"")
    • IFERROR(VLOOKUP(VLOOKUP(INDIRECT(CONCATENATE("scheduleId";ROW()));INDIRECT("ECM.Schedules!scheduleId:courseId");2;);INDIRECT("ECM.Courses!courseId:courseNumberOfCredits");7;);"")
  • Values - list of enabled values separated by column, e.g. 50,100 (they are displayed in select box if row is edited via menu), and value could be also any Constants ID, e.g.: REG_OK,REG_FWOK,REG_CANCELED,REG_WAIT
  • Format - mainly used to format date values, e.g.: d.M.yyyy H:mm:ss
  • Color - e.g.: #c9daf8
  • Validation  - currently not used
  • Description  - currently not used
NOTE: Remote ID, Last change shall be defined for all other sheets also as HIDDEN type.