How it emerged?

Holos presence in the Middle East enabled the company to identify an emerging need in both the domestic market as in the Middle East: remote surveillance solutions endowed with intelligence. Solutions that address this need should allow to minimize the need for human intervention at both surveillance of public areas, such as the surveillance of oil pipelines and oil fields (such as those existing in Abu Dhabi, for example) which, in addition to usual problems of intrusion, face a number of additional risks, such as, fires and spillage, for example. 

Although there are already some robotic systems, which was verified after an analysis of the state of the art, most of them are designed with very specific goals, not allowing its use for  diverse applications or in different  places. 

Thereby it was essential to create a robotic system allowing surveillance of premises and public spaces, using a mobile device capable of adapting to different scenarios and obtaining various sensory information of the site, in order to assist in the monitoring of a specific site.

Thus emerged the concept of ServRobot! A robot adaptable to different tasks and environments. 

The intention is to develop a ServRobot mobile robot of autonomous control, mechanically reconfigurable and energy efficient enabling the expansion of the traditional concepts of surveillance, including concepts, such as, collecting sensory information from the sites to watch.

Another goal would be to fit the robot to a set of additional tasks that would benefit from its use, namely at a military level (combining cargo transportation with its capabilities of gases detection or other dangers) and may also be used to perform other tasks in environmentally harsh locations for humans.