Project PROCURE approved by the Foundation for Science and Technology

In a context of self-restraint in what respects to project financing for Research and Technological Development (RTD), stands out early this year to approval by the Foundation for Science and Technology the financing for the project "PROCURE - Restrictions Probability for Reasoning with Uncertainty in Science and Engineering Applications. "

Holos is pleased to participate in this project, sponsored by the Foundation of the Faculty of Science and Technology, NOVA University of Lisbon, which lasts for two years and whose bid has been rated as globally as "Outstanding". 

The project addresses the problem of reasoning with uncertainty, based on mathematical models with nonlinear constraints and continuous variables. The project objective is to develop a new technology which combines probabilistic reasoning and constraint programming, and that it can be applied in science and engineering.

Holos participation in the project focuses mainly on the tasks of localization and mapping of autonomous robots, result of the experience that the company has been accumulating in the navigation of autonomous robots, including ServRobot in implementing the project, co-funded by the ERDF European Union, through the Regional Operational Programme of the Centre for the QREN.