Holos in RTEX 2014
Holos was a major sponsor of RTEX 2014 - Robot Technology Exhibition, having presented ServRobot, an all-terrain service robot developed by Holos. + info

Project PROCURE approved by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia
Holos is glad to participate in this project that has recently been approved by "Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia" with an "Excepcional" rating. + info

Mobile robots reconfigurability
See here the paper that explores the reconfigurability issues in mobile robots. + info

Mobile robots reliability
See here the paper that addresses maintenance and reliability applied to mobile robots. + info

Conference regarding renewable energy in Angola
Holos was represented in the Conference regarding renewable energy sources promoted by the Angolan Ministry for Energy and Water (MINEA). + info

Holos presents surveillance solutions in TechSines 2012
Holos was invited to present ServRobot in the event TechSines 2012 under the theme integrated solutions for people and goods surveillance. + info

Holos attended BrokersLink event in Madrid
Holos was invited to participate in BrokersLink event that took place in Madrid, on October 18 to 20th. + info

Paper presentation in DOCEIS 2012 Conference
Another paper resulting from the Research activities performed for the ServRobot project was presented, this time in the DOCEIS 2012 Conference. + info

ServRobot presentation in IECON 2011
Holos, represented by its Administrator João Paulo Pimentão, attended the IECON 2011 Conference to present a paper with the results from the research activities from ServRobot. + info

ServRobot presentation in INTELEC 2011
ServRobot was one of the research projectos that was presented in INTELEC 2011 Conference - IEEE 33rd International Telecommunication Energy Conference that was held on October 09 to 13th in Amesterdan, Netherlands. + info

Contactless energy transmission applyed to electrical vehicles
Its the theme of Rui Medeiros masters thesis. + info

Electric power Seminar in Luanda
Holos sponsored SEEA2011 - the first edition of the Seminar in Electrical Energy in Angola, that took place in Luanda between September 8 and 9th of 2011. + info

Reception of the finalists of Universidade Agostinho Neto
Considering the cooperation protocol stablished between Holos and Universidade Agostinho Neto in Luanda, Angola, Holos held the first reception to the University seniors last April. + info

Holos in Portugal Tecnológico
Holos attended "Portugal Tecnológico", an event that occured in FIL, in Lisbon this September. + info

Holos was a guest at FIA 2010
Farnborought International Airshow is traditionally one of the world's greatest events, combining participants from differente markets all over the world, like space, aviation and security/surveillance. + info

Corporate assignment in São Tomé e Príncipe
Holos defined a corporate assignment to São Tomé e Princípe to promote a series of business meetings with representatives of local companies, Government and Public Services officials.. + info

Partnership between Holos and Abu Dhabi Men's College
Its final the agreement that bonds Holos and The Abu Dhabi's Men College in a partnership that aims to promote research and development activities and cooperation and knowledge transfer between the two entities. + info