Come out and join us

at the 

Williams-Sullivan Elementary


Book Fair


January 30- February 8th

             Going for the Goal!!!
    2016 / 2017




 The Williams-Sullivan Family would like to issue 


to the

 2016/2017 District Reading Fair Winners:

   1st Place Winners (move to state level): 

Rosalyn Huntley - PreK

Kentavious Hardy - 2nd Grade

Kaitlin Kimbrough - 8th Grade

2nd Place Winners:

Gaveon Marshall - Kindergarten

Derrick Huntley - 2nd Grade

LaBaudrio Bridgeford - 3rd Grade

Monica Huntley - 4th Grade

Sandrea Young - 6th Grade

3rd Place Winners:

Emeri Stewart/Alyssa Randle - PreK

Kiara Hardy - 5th Grade

                                                 Ayanna Haymon - 7th Grade

Madison Avery - 6th

Carleigh Andrews -7th

Daveon Powell 8th

Jayden Magee- Pre-K

Antonio Helm Jr. Pre-K

Terrell Johnson - 3rd

                          "Yellow Jacket Pride!!"