Super Star of the Week
Every week a student will be featured as our "Star."  This gives our students an opportunity to share special interests.  I will send home the Star of the Week information the week before.  There is a small poster to fill out for Monday.  Tuesday is the day they can bring in their favorite book for us to read.   Wednesday is the day for a mystery bag for us all to make a guess on how many objects are in a bag.  Thursday we all write a letter to our star and they read a letter that you wrote to them.  Friday they receive their class book.  For example, your child might enjoy decorating a poster with pictures of their family, themselves and all the things they enjoy.  This provides a wonderful opportunity to have each child share with the class and show what makes them special.  Please have them bring the poster to school on the Thursday of the week they were chosen. 

Star of the Week

First Grade

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