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I can’t believe we are already into the second month of 2019. We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on Thursday, February 14th. If you would like your child to exchange Valentines with his/her friends you may send them into school on Wednesday, February 13th. Please make sure to send in a Valentine for every child. 

During the month of January we worked on reciting three new nursery rhymes “Pease Porridge Hot”, “Hey Diddle Diddle”, and “Jack and Jill” (winter version). Our vocabulary theme was winter during which we focused on winter clothing, activities, weather and arctic animals. We talked about what types of clothing we wear during the winter months and what activities we can do, such as sledding and building a snowman.

For our Fine motor groups, the AM class used the Handwriting without Tears program, to help us focus on letters C, O, Q, G.  The PM class used the Fundation's program, to help us focus on letters c, o, a, s.

During the month of February we will focus our vocabulary theme on three different fairy tales- Stone Soup, The Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Our small group activities will be focused around these three stories. We will be working on activities such as acting out the stories, sequencing, recalling, predicting, among many others.  

Our focus this month for our fine motor groups will be on letters S, J, D, P for the AM class and letters e, n, m, r for the PM class.