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Long Term Assignments

Please also be aware if you need to make test corrections to your tests.  If you do, they are due the next day and completed on a separate piece of paper.  

Please purchase or bring in a set of ear-buds for PARCC practice tests, and for the test itself.  Test dates are March 9-13 and April 27-30

PARCC PRACTICE - Complete using Google Classroom.  For now, please log on through Mrs. Klinger's website under AM Literacy

You can e-mail me at

You can call my classroom voicemail at
District Upcoming Events

We are now in the genre of Non-Fiction.


All Cold Read Tests will now count as a test grade.

**Feature Article due 3/5...please submit it through Google Classroom...you need a hard copy (printed in color) as well! **

**Non Fiction Cold Read test Friday 3/6**

  • Due Tuesday: WW 15 A and B
  • Due Wednesday: WW15 C and D 
  • Due Thursday: WW 15 Review sheet
  • Due Friday: WW 15 test

Chapter 8 Math Quiz 3/3...use study guide that went home today.

Chapter 8 Test Friday 3/6 (8.1, 8.2, 8.4, 8.6,and 8.7)...use study guide that went home today.
  • HW- 


Investigating Separating Mixtures Lab will be done in class.  The completed lab is due on Fri. 2/27.  If any parts are not finished in class, please complete it for HW.

HW-  Work on Separating Mixtures Lab-see checklist handed out in class for requirements.

Scientific Method Quiz Thursday 3/3...please use the study guide that went home today.

Social Studies: