The Holmdel School District is dedicated to the formation of Professional Learning Communities throughout the district by providing time, resources, and support to faculty. As a result, Professional Learning Communities will share the responsibility for the total development of students and make a commitment to making significant and lasting change in the classroomThe mission of Holmdel's Professional Development Program is to provide on-going professional development for teachers such that every student will achieve not only state academic standards but also the broader learning goals set by the district. 

We hope you will use this site as a method of accessing information for PD, as well as a resource for your continued growth as an educator. Links are provided for various areas related to our PD.

Holmdel Township Public Schools
Improvement Panel

                    1. Dr. Robert McGarry- Superintendent 
                    2. Marilyn Bellis - Humanities Supervisor 
                    3. Jackie Peters - Chairperson  
                    4. Suzanne Michaud - HHS
                    5. Stephanie Fox - Satz  
                    6. Maria Farinella (in for Nicole Bayers)- Indian Hill
                    7. Carol Dempsey (in for Erin Rafael) - Village 

Building Level Professional Development 

        High School Improvement Panel      

 Satz School Improvement Panel   

Indian Hill  School Improvement Panel   

Village  School Improvement Panel