Option II for Athletics


The New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) recognizes and acknowledges that all students will not achieve the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLA) in the same manner and/or with the same level of success. The Holmdel School District is permitted to allow students with individualized learning opportunities outside of the traditional classroom that are stimulating and challenging and that enable students to meet or exceed the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. This is commonly referred to as Option II.

Students are permitted to earn credit toward graduation through Option II experiences. Participation in Option II is predicated on the application process through which students seek approval. Attainment of credit toward graduation is based on the successful completion of documentation that verify student achievement in meeting or exceeding the NJSLA at the high school level.

Students planning to pursue activities for credit at Holmdel High School are required to submit a completed application to the Principal’s Option II Review Committee. This committee is comprised of the High School Principal, Assistant Principal, Director of Guidance, School Counselor and Supervisors and Teachers, as needed. The Principal’s Option II Review Committee will review each application to determine eligibility and grant approval. Each student’s application will be reviewed on its own merit.

Guidelines and Eligibility Requirements

  • A detailed overview of the Option II for Athletics Program, Eligibility and Requirements may be found HERE. Please review the guidelines and eligibility requirements BEFORE completing an application.

Applications and Forms

  • The Option II opportunity is open to all tenth through twelfth grade students.

  • To apply for the Option II for Athletics for Students please complete this APPLICATION FORM . The link will only be available until 4/14/23.

  • Students applying for Option II Physical Education through an approved organization or sport must submit the Off Campus Activity Form to the Supervisor of Health, PE and Athletics by 5/22/23.

  • The Off Campus Activity Approval Form may be found HERE.

  • The Student Alternative Physical Education Weekly Log may be found HERE.

  • The Student Reflection Log may be found HERE.