We are a Tree-nut/ peanut free class! 
https://snacksafely.com/snacklist-20180323.pdfImage result for no nuts
2018-2019   Safe snacks below:

. Lay's potato chips
2. Herr's potato chips
3. goldfish
4. swedish fish
5. apples
6. Doritos
7. Oreos
8. Tate's chocolate chip cookies
9. pretzels
10. Kellogg's rice krispie treats
11.  String cheese
12. fresh fruit (packaged by store) i.e. apple packages
13.  yogurt tubes

Important Dates 
11/21- GIVING TREE tags going home

11/16, 11/19-11/21- Half day schedules

11/19 & 11/26- Evening conferences

11/22-23- Thanksgiving break

11/27- PM Holiday shop
Please bring money in a labeled envelope and a LIST of whom you are buying for!

11/30- AM Holiday shop- Please bring money in a labeled envelope and a list of whom you are shopping for!

11/30- Next Book orders due

12/18- Class parties- All volunteers have been notified.  We have a few spots left for the PM class. If you'd like to plan and participate in the PM class winter party, please email me. :)

12/21- Half day 

first day of school pic.jpg (374×499)

Welcome to Room 39!

Conference reminders:  Please be prompt.  Please knock 1 minute prior to your scheduled appointment.

10/1-  We still have a room for a few helpers in each class for the Halloween party.  Parties will be on 10/31 at 9:00 and 1:00.  Please email me if you are available to help.  This will be a volunteer opportunity for adults only, please.  Thank you.


(Monday, October 22nd- Friday October 26th)



 -Monday (We are, all different, but we are all a team!  Team up against bullying- wear a team jersey to school)

-Tuesday (“Sock it” to Bullying- wear silly socks to school)

      -Wednesday (Put a “lid” on bucket dipping- wear a hat to school)

-Thursday (Being kind and respectful is “no sweat”- wear sweats to school)

-Friday (Honor red ribbon day by respecting yourself and being drug free- wear red to school)

10/1- I am so, so, so happy to hear that poems are being used at home to promote literacy!  I know some were read with brothers and sisters and some were read with mom and dad.  This is an excellent way to enrich reading.  Even when children learn a poem by rote memorization, they begin to then match spoken words to written words.  THIS IS READING!  I know that several children have created a Poetry jurnal and some are keeping the poems in their Book Box.  Congratulations on supporting your child's literacy! 

9/14/18  If you have not sent in headphones, please do as soon as possible.  E They will remain in the classroom until June.  We will need them to use the Computer Lab.  Thank you! Please be sure they are in a gallon sized ziploc bag and labeled on both the headphones (sharpie marker) and the bag).

I've sent a welcome email to all families assigned to my class.  If you have not received it, that means the email address I was given was incorrect or not provided.  I will include the attachments below as well. 

Please see this blog and resources for kid-safe search engines!  http://frame.bloglovin.com/?post=6095336591&blog=3732469&frame_type=none

Halloween Announcements:
Parades (all families invited) are at TIME TBA.  Parties will take place prior to parades. Only 5 previsouly decided parents are allowed inside for the party.
Thank you to everyone who has submitted their dismissal procedures per Mr. Howard's's request.  It is always a good idea to send a hand written note on the same day any changes in regular dismissal routines take place.  Even if you have already sent in your dismissal requests, please feel free to send another note just to be sure.
Please arrive to school IN COSTUME. We do not have enough hands or time to change clothes prior to the parade. ANyone who arrives not in costume will not be in costume for the parade.
All snacks must be completely nut-safe.

Homework is always due the next day.  Please try to get into the habit of submitting the homework daily.  I check and review the homework every day.  The students participate in self-assessing their skills via a conversation about homework during Morning Meeting.

9/14/18   Today we celebrated that we are all READERS!  We know how to read our names, our last names and our friends names.  We can even read the word "name!"  We read Chrysanthemum and graphed how long our names are!  THe PM class authored their first class book!  We are proud!

A big part of kindergarten is learning time management.  You may see papers coming home that are unfinished.  I give cues about moving to the "cutting" part or "gluing" part and I give cues about how much time is left, but ultimately, some papers will simply go "unfinished" depending on each child's fine motor skills, understanding of the concept, social activity during work time and general time constraints during our schedule.  I understand that some children have a hard time letting go of a paper they feel is "unifinished" while others are happy to rid themselves of a task.  We will be working on this throughout kindergarten.  Adjustments and modifications will be made as I see fit for each child's ability. :)

While you may hear your child count by rote to 20 or higher, counting objects with a 1:1 correspondence is a very different skill.  We will be working on each number, spending lots of time understanding that each number represents an amount.  We are working on strategies to count accurately, representing numbers in different ways (i.e. with counters, with a bar graph, with objects, etc), understanding that we can count objects in any arrangement and the total number will still be the same , but counting in an organized fashion helps with accuracy, and finally proper number formation.  Please see the link to the Math page to learn the number poems we say in class.  EVERY NUMBER touches the SKY line and the Grass line.


Image result for headphones

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY-  I will need a parent or two to help organize the Math materials.  This involves tearing out pages.  You may join us in the classroom while you work and see how our day goes.  I also need a creative parent who would like to create a birthday board for our classroom.  

Hello!  Hello! Hello! Welcome to ALL of my wonderful new students and your families!   I am so excited to meet you!  Kindergarten is going to be so much fun!  We will learn, laugh, sing, move, meet new friends, read, and write.  I hope you like our classroom.  Some highlights of our classroom include the Word Wall, the calendar and Morning Meeting area, the mailboxes (even you have your very own mailbox!), the Book buddies and comfy cushions, the back door to the Rain Garden and the Goldilocks Bathroom.  I call it the Goldilocks bathroom because the potty is juuuuust the right size for kindergarten! :)  I can't wait to hear all about your summer.  Some of my favorite things this summer were meeting Mickey Mouse on a trip to Disneyland, lots of rides at the boardwalk, Great Adventure and Sesame Place, and of course beach, beach and more beach!  We love to swim and be outside.  WHat are you most excited about for Kindergarten?

**We do not have snack in Kindergarten.

GREAT NEWS!  Everyone did an awesome job on the first day of kindergarten!  

9/7/18-  Please glue a recent photo on the front of the Homework folder.  This helps with literacy initiatives as well as the classroom responsibility of being Folder Helper.  Thank you! :)

We practiced a fire drill today.  We are busy practicing our routines, remembering to raise our hands and being respectful listeners.  We have talked about bus safety and bus conduct. 

 In kindergarten a lot of the learning in the classroom is done with kinesthetic, hands-on activities.  Please understand that in our classroom we are not sitting at tables for 2 hours and producing worksheets.  Our learning environment provides lots of opportunity for movement, working with different children, incorporating fine and gross motor skills and incorporates whole-brain techniques.

I want to share with you a fun way we practice sight words at home.  We have a glass table top in which we place letters and sight words underneath.  We use glass markers to trace on top of the words and write words.  If you do not have a glass table top, this can be done on sliding glass doors or French doors as well.  It wipes clean easily with Windex.  It's a fun way to practice letters, words and even sentences.  We use post it notes to build the words.  It is so much fun for kids to write on glass instead of paper.  It's an easy way to sneak in extra reading and sight word practice even during dinner or while you're preparing dinner.  I would love to hear how it goes for you if you try it!

I*Per the student handbook, birthday invitations are not be distributed through school.  Please use the Friendship List that was typed and sent home . Please do not send birthday party invitations to school.

Resources for Finding Guided Reading leveled books: -http://books.atozteacherstuff.com/leveled-books/index.php?p=getdb&db_id=1


September-  Each student should make a Book Box to keep at home.  You will receive weekly take-home books (photocopied books) to keep in the Book Box.  The purpose is for the children to build their own library of phonetic and sight word books that they can practice reading and begin to read independently. Below is an example of a Book Box.  It can be a shoe box, tissue box, or a plastic box.  You can wrap it in paper, add stickers or color on it.  Make it a family project.  Just make sure it has an opening to put books in and take books out!  Keep it in a safe, easily accessible place.  It is a great idea to choose a book each day along with the homework to practice.  At this stage, students do not need to read the entire book.  Being a "letter detective" is a great way to build phonemic awareness and letter identification.
Displaying photo.JPG

Below is a "Word Ring."  Please make one with the sight word cards that come home.  You can look for these words in books, or simply practice reading them on the Word ring.
Displaying image.jpeg

Below is a "Reading Finger." We use reading fingers to touch the words as we read.  We use reading fingers to count how many letters are in a word and count how many words are in a sentence.  We use reading fingers to note punctuation marks.
Displaying photo.JPG

Everybody is off to a great start in Kindergarten!  We are finding our coat hooks and mailboxes.  We are practicing unpacking and packing for our morning and end of day routines.

 Homework Folders Activity-  As an exercise in literacy, I will begin having the students pass out Homework folders at the end of class.  To help with this, please attach a picture of your child to the front of the homework folder.  This is in conjunction with the Reader's and Writer's Workshop lessons as well.  We are learning how to use resources to help us write and use pictures to help us read.  Thanks for your cooperation! 
Have you paid your dues?  Please join me in joining the PSA!

Parents-  Please check the Homework folders every night for important papers that need to be reviewed or sent back to school.  Any papers that have been checked by me (with a star or happy face) do NOT need to come back to school.

Some ways to make reading fun:
  • Videotape yourself reading and post it on Youtube for friends and family far away.   This is also a nice way for the children to see their own progress.
  • Call Grandma and read to her.
  • Find every letter of the alphabet in your house.  Draw pictures of where you found them.
  • Host Library Day with your dolls and action figures.  Set up a table for the "audience" and read to them.
  • Have an older sibling read to and with you.
  • Read to a younger sibling.
  • Put your pantry items in alphabetical order!
  • Play Reading Bingo.  Make a bingo board with different genres or different authors.  Choose different books from the library until you get a Reading Bingo!

Once we begin learning our sight words, 
I will be sending home flash cards  for the sight words we already learned and the upcoming sight words.  If you would like to practice them at home, you may put them on a "word ring" (keychain) and keep them inside the Book Box you created.   Another idea is to keep them in a small recipe box and use them to practice reading, or making up sentences.  When you read aloud at night, you can pull two words from the box and listen for them in stories.

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