Holmdel Township School District Curriculum Listing

ACES Gr. 9-12

AP - Additional Supports
Life Skills
Guidance Services K-12
Tool Kit for Curriculum Writing

 English Language Arts

AP Language Comp 
Literature and Composition
Honors English 4
English 4
Honors English 3
English 3
Honors English 2
English 2
English/H. English 9

Honors Classics World Literature
Public Speaking
Creative Writing
Transitional English
BSIP Language Arts
Foundations of Language Literacy
English as a Second Language Gr. 9-12
Introduction to Western Philosophy  Honors Lit and Film

Multivariable Calculus
AP Calculus BC w-Audit
AP Calculus AB w-Audit
Honors Pre-Calculus
Introduction to Pre-Calculus
Honors Algebra 2
Advanced Algebra 2
Algebra 2
Honors Geometry
Basic Geometry
Algebra 1
Algebra 1A
Algebra 1B                            Intermediate Algebra

AP Statistics
Discrete Math
Finite Math
 Social Studies

AP US History 2
US History 2
Advanced Honors US History 1
US History 1
World Civilization Gr. 9

AP American Government & Politics
AP Macro Economics
AP Micro Economics
AP Psychology
Human Geography
International RelationsPsychology
Perspective on America Today

Environmental Science
AP Physics
Honors Physics
Principles of Physics
AP Chemistry
Honors Chemistry
Principles of Chemistry
AP Biology
Honors Biology
Principles of Biology
College Biology - Lab
Experimental Biology
Earth Space Science
Physical Science with Earth Science
Physical Science                               Anatomy & Physiology                       

Honors Introduction to Organic Chemistry
Honors Advanced Research
Forensics Science 
Marine Science
World Languages

AP French
French 4
Honors French 3
French 2
French 1

AP Spanish w-Audit
Honors Spanish 4
Spanish 3
Spanish 2
Spanish 1

AP Italian
Honors Italian IV
Italian 3
Italian 2
Italian 1

AP Latin 2012
AP Latin Lit (Catullus Ovid)
AP Latin Vergil
Honors Latin Seminar
Latin 3
Latin 2
Latin 1

AP Chinese
Honors Chinese 4
Chinese 3
Chinese 2
Chinese 1
 Business & Economics 

Business Fundamentals  
Business Law 
Sports Marketing & Entertainment 
Accounting II  
Accounting I   
Financial Literacy & Economics  
Financial Market  
Financial Literacy                                          AP Macroeconomics                               Virtual Business


Physical Education & Health 

Family Life
Driver Education
Community Health 
Physical Education 9-12
Physical Education Wellness 9-12
Adaptive Physical Education 9-12      Dynamics of Healthcare in Society  


Dance 1  

Dance 2

 Technical Arts 

Culinary Arts Cycle A - Italian
Culinary Arts Cycle B - French
Culinary Arts Cycle C - No. American
Culinary Arts Cycle D - Cen. & S. America
Culinary Arts Cycle E - Chinese
Culinary Arts Cycle F - S.E. Asian
Culinary Arts Cycle G - E. European
Culinary Arts Cycle H - Span./Portuguese

CAD Computer Design 
Advanced Drafting II  
Advanced Drafting I 

Advanced Television Production 
TV Production III - Management 
TV Production II 
Introduction to Television Production Film Study 

Computer Animation 
Graphic Design 
Graphic Arts Basics 
AP Computer Science                              AP Computer Science Principle


Dynamic Web Application 

Dynamic Web  
Introduction to Web Design  
Information Processing  
Introduction to Comp Science

Introduction to Engineering & Design

 Fine Arts 

AP Studio Art   
Art 2 HS  
Art 1 HS  
Ceramics 2  
Ceramics 1  

Photography 3  
Photography 2  
Photography 1  

Music Technology 1  
Music Technology 2  
Music Theory I  
Introduction to Music Theory  
String Ensemble
Jazz Band  
Mixed Chorus  
Concert Chorus HS  
American 20th Century Music

Acting                                             Acting 2 Honors
Drama 2  
Drama 1  

 William R. Satz School
GuidanceServices K-12  
Lifeskills Gr. 7 
ifeskills Gr. 8

Health/PE 7-8
Health Gr. 7  
Health Gr. 8
Phy Ed 7 - 8   
Adaptive PE 7-8                 
Adaptive Health 7-8 
 Grade 8

Honors LA Gr. 8  
Language Arts Gr 8  
Transitional English Gr. 7 & Gr. 8  
ESL Gr.  7-8  

Honors Alg 1 Gr. 8  
Algebra1 Gr. 8  
Math Gr. 8  
Basic Skills Math Gr. 8  

Science Gr. 8  

Social Studies Gr. 8  

Spanish 1 Gr. 8  
French 1  
Chinese I Gr. 8  

Computer Ed. Gr. 8 
Technology Ed Gr. 8  
Intro to Culinary Arts Gr. 8 
Creative Arts Gr. 8  
8th Grade Art Edu  
Inst band 6-8  
Music Technology Gr. 8  
Gen Music Gr. 8

 Grade 7

Language Arts/Honors Language Arts Gr. 7
WritingLab Gr. 7 
Transitional English Gr. 7 & Gr. 8 
ESL Gr. 7-8  
Honors Math gr. 7  
Mathematics Grade 7 
Basic Skills Math Gr. 7  

Science (Environmental) gr. 7  
Science Gr. 7  

Social Studies Gr. 7  

Intro to French I  
Spanish Intro Gr. 7  
Italian Gr. 7 
Intro to Latin  
Intro Chinese    
Chinese Club Gr. 7  

Computer Ed. Gr. 7   
Technology Ed Gr. 7  
Intro to Culinary Arts Gr. 7  
7th Grade Art Edu 
Inst band 6-8   
Gen Music 7th Gr  
Music Exploration Gr. 7  

Indian Hill School
Life Skills  
Guidance Services  K-12  
G and T Guide 3-6
 Health/PE 4-6
Health Gr. 4  
Health Gr. 5 
Health Gr. 6  
PE 4-6
Adaptive PE 4-6                              Adaptive Health 4-6

 Grade 6

LanguageArts Literacy Reading Gr. 6 
Language Arts Literacy Writing Gr. 6  
ESL Gr. 4-6 

Media Center/Library 4-6

Math Gr. 6  
Math Gr. 6 Enrich  
Math Honors Gr. 6  

Science Gr. 6  
Science Gr. 6 Updated Standards  

Social Studies Gr. 6 Revised  

Spanish Gr. 6  

Art Gr. 6  

Inst band 6-8  
Music Gr. 6  

 Grade 5

LanguageArts Literacy Reading Gr. 5 
Language Arts Literacy Writing Gr. 5 
ESL Gr. 4-6                                       
Media Center/Library 4-6

Mathematics Grade 5  

Science Gr. 5  

Social Studies Gr. 5  

Spanish Gr. 5  

Grade 5 Computer Ed  

Art gr. 4, 5  

4-5 Instrumental Music 
Music Gr. 5  

 Grade 4

Language Arts Literacy Reading Gr. 4 
Language Arts Literacy Writing Gr. 4 
ESL Gr. 4-6                                       
Media Center/Library 4-6

Math Gr. 4  

Science Gr. 4  

Social Studies Gr. 4  

Spanish Gr. 4  

Grade 4 Computer ED  

Art Gr. 4, 5  

4-5 Instrumental Music  
Music Gr. 4  

 Village School
Guidance K-12  
Guidance Services  K-12  
High Scope Pre K

 Grade 3

Overview- Grade 3  
Literacy Grade 3

ESL Gr. K-3                                        Grade 3 Library  

Math Gr. 3  

Science Gr. 3  

Social Studies Gr. 3  

Spanish Gr. 3  
Intro to Spanish 2-3  

Art Grade 3  

Gen Music Gr. 3  

Health Gr. 3  
PE K-3  
Adaptive PE K-3

 Grade 2

Overview- Grade 2  
Literacy Grade 2
ESL Gr. K-3                                     Grade 2 Library

Math Gr. 2  

Science Gr. 2  

Social Studies Gr. 2  

Spanish Gr. 2  
Intro to Spanish 2-3  

Art Grade 2  

Gen Music Gr. 2  

Health Gr. 2  
PE K-3  
Adaptive PE K-3

 Grade 1

Curriculum Overview - Grade 1  
Literacy Grade 1
ESL Gr. K-3                                               Grade 1 Library

Math Gr. 1  

Science Gr. 1  

Social Studies Gr. 1  

Spanish Gr. 1  

Art Grade 1  

Gen Music Gr. 1  

Health Gr. 1  
PE K-3  
Adaptive PE K-3


Integrated LA Gr. K                          Literacy K
ESL Gr. K-3

Kindergarten Library

Math Gr. K  

Science Gr. K  

Social Studies Gr. K  

Art Grade K 

Gen Music Gr. K 

Health Gr. K  
PE K-3  
Adaptive PE K-3