Band on Thursday, May 25th is canceled.

I can't stop tearing up with "happy tears" as I think about the performances yesterday.  
You are a gift.  Thank you for being a part of the band.
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Summer Motivation Letter

When are the Concerts?
Concert Season 2016-2017 has come to an amazing successful end.
Thank you for the are a gift!

What do I wear?
Black pants, skirts, tights, socks, and shoes
White shirts
Holiday Bling

Before School Rehearsal Schedule

Monday, May 22 -- Beginning Band -- 8:10am; concert at 9:00am for families
6:00pm rehearsal for 5/6 band; 7:00pm concert for families
Tuesday, May 23 -- no rehearsal.  Sleep in.  :)
5/6 band will be performing during period 1 for the 3rd grade orientation
Wednesday, May 24 -- Beginning Band
5/6 Band will perform during period 1 for the 3rd grade orientation
Thursday, May 25 -- Beginning Band -- Canceled today.
Friday, May 26 -- 5/6 Band 
Lessons for the week:  
Please see the below lesson schedule.

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April/May Lesson Schedule

April and May

Before-School Band Calendar

Treble Clef Song to Help You Remember the Note Names

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Catherine McCarthy,
Mar 1, 2017, 10:32 AM