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Paying at the Mall

Riding the escalator

Holiday Shopping

Eating at the Food Court

Making our Holiday Shopping List.

Creating a Holiday Spending Budget.

Using a Cart while food shopping.

Finding our items on a list.

Paying and bagging.

Paying for our lunch.

Making Holiday Crafts.

They sell at our Craft Store!

Made with Holiday Cheer!

Beautiful Candy Jars.

What is a stranger?

What is a friend?

Holmdel Community Garden

Upcoming Community Garden Trips! Look for permission slip with info!

Working in the Life Skills room with Dr. A:

Hygiene Unit

When your hands are dirty.

You need to wash your hands.

What can we do to keep our teeth clean?

When we sneeze, germs come out of our nose. We need to use a tissue to protect from germs.

True or False. What is true about brushing our teeth and keeping them clean?

Practicing Good Hygiene in Life Skills: Food is good to eat, but when we eat food, it can stain our teeth. We need to brush our teeth to make sure they stay clean and healthy