Mme St-Aubin's 2016-2017
 First Grade Classroom!

Legos for the classroom, board games for indoor recess, tissues!

                  This week in class:

Dear Families,
We have really enjoyed learning about Sea life these past few weeks, and the kids are excited to be writing stories about ocean animals. They will share their stories with you at Open House on May 10th.

After vacation, we will be wrapping up our Ocean unit, and we will begin learning about life cycles of butterflies, plants, ducks, and chickens. 

We will also be assessing topic 11 in math, and will begin a money unit: working with coins up to a one dollar value. Check out these games to help practice with coins:

After vacation our spelling list will include the following words: la fleur, la soeur, l'heure, il a peur, elle pleure. 

Enjoy vacation!