October 13, 2017

This week we have read the book SOUS.  Please reread it with your child this weekend.

We have finished our phonics workbook Mon Ami, and they are coming home today. I encourage you to take a few minutes to look through it with your child. The vocabulary in these workbooks is helpful to practice and review. Vocabulary in the immersion program is vital toward successful comprehension moving forward. The book is divided by vowel sounds, and each sound has a mascot to help students. We will begin Mon Ami 2 next week.

We have completed math topic 2, a unit on subtraction. I will be keeping their end-of-unit tests until conferences. Topic 3 begins next week.

For show and tell the next 2 weeks we will have a 5 Sense theme. Students may bring in an object and we will talk about which senses it activates. Objects that make noise, have a unique touch or have a sensory component are highly encouraged!

Next week we will be speaking French until 2:00! It is so exciting to watch their vocabularies expand, and they are becoming more comfortable speaking in French.  

This week’s library books will stay at home for 2 weeks. Children will not be exchanging books  on Thursday the 19th. They will be participating in a project via Maker’s Space.

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