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My name is Señora Merian.  I teach Spanish to the following classes:
Kindergarten: Ms. Auger, Mrs. Came, Mrs. Dupont/Ms. Jackson, and Mr. Almeida
First GradeMrs. Bourque, Mrs. Flynn, Mrs. Bradley, and Mrs. Berman   
Second Grade: Ms. Bourque, Mrs. Numbers, Mrs. Merten, Ms. Driscoll, and Ms. Sullivan

I majored in Spanish literature and linguistics at the University of Massachusetts at Boston.  I became a Spanish bilingual teacher, and taught in Glendale, California, and Lowell, Massachusetts prior to coming to Holliston.  I had a wonderful opportunity to study in Salamanca, Spain, for a summer where I  solidified my Spanish fluency. I am honored to be able to impart the love of learning a second language and culture to your child.  

We begin our Spanish experience in Kindergarten with an introduction to the sounds, colors, numbers, shapes, and other developmentally appropriate vocabulary, through a wide array of interactive experiences.  We use chants, poems, songs, technology, and interactive games to build the foundation of the Spanish language.

One of our goals for first grade is to learn to recognize the numbers 1-30 in Spanish. We will practice this through songs, chants, number games, and number recognition activities. They are also learning about greetings and practice this in class with their peers.

Our second graders will continue to learn to count and recognize the numbers 1-100, both by ones and tens.  They will also learn the expressions for making requests to get a drink of water, and to go to the bathroom.  These are part of the foreign language standards as students in this age group will learn how to make specific requests to meet their needs.

It is a great pleasure to work with your child.  Please feel free to write or call me with any questions you might have.

Señora Merian