2017 Benefit Concert: Friday, June 9th @ 7pm
All proceeds will be donated to the Holliston Senior Center

Please sign up on the drama board with your group, song, and/or scene. See the Benefit page for more information.
Welcome to the RAMS Drama Club!
On this site you will find information about our upcoming shows, 
weekly events or rehearsals, our calendar and staff profiles. 
We're so glad you're interested in being part of our club 
and we hope to see you soon!

After school rules:
  • You MAY NOT leave school grounds and come back for rehearsal.
  • You MAY NOT wander the halls of the school aimlessly.
  • You MUST find something quiet to do:
    • extra help with a teacher
    • homework club
    • ask if Ms. Clifton is hosting students
Welcome back to the 2016-17 drama season!

Click here for the calendar of upcoming auditions and rehearsals.