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Welcome to Technology Education

June 12-16
Final week of class for sections 1-10
Grades close Friday.  I have a few stragglers waiting till the last moment to finish projects lol.  They need to email me when they have completed work.

June 7
Chasing students down for their final course (final grade of the school year)  lol
Many left it to the last moment and are rushing to finish when they had three years to finish the accelerated code course and had to finish two Everfi courses in two years. 
Email me when you complete work you have till the 9th!!!
May 30
All Everfi and due the week of June 9th by the end of the day a child has my class.
Grade 8 students could complete 3 Everfi instead of the two Everfi and Accelerated code course

May 18
Last day of MCAS for grades 6 and 7.  Next week the 8th grade will finish their Science and Technology Engineering MCAS.  The last 4 classes of the year students will be focusing on finishing their programming course, CAD Design and their Everfi courses.

May 9th
8th grade: in the last 6 classes of the year the 8th graders will be focusing on finishing their accelerated CS course (started in 6th grade due end of 8th), they will also be working on Tinkercad (design program for 3d printing) and finally a Computer Science in Science course.  They are self paced and students will be graded on what they accomplish in class each day not based on what others complete.  I am looking for effort and being on task for the 43 minutes they are with me.  I met with every 8th grader to come up with an end of the year plan.  They had the choice to complete 3 Everfi courses or 2 Everi courses and the accelerated course.  

May 2
All grades are focused on completing their Everfi courses and their accelerated computer science course

April 24
Sixth graders are enjoying their week at Nature's Classroom.  On their return they will be signing up for Tinkercad and learning all about 3D printing!!!  I am grading their rotational motion projects and they are AWESOME I am very impressed!!
7th and 8th grade students will be learning how to make movies using the green screen and stop motion animation!  I love the ideas for the plots I have seen so far.  I have a soft spot in my heart for the 7th grade group of students doing the Monsters INC. remake titled Monsters Sink lol

April 12
8th grade finishing Accelerated CS course
7th grade projects are being assessed this week.  
6th grade projects will be assessed over vacation
March 28
7th graders are well under way in their trials for their key retrieval we had a design team retrieve the keys in 24 seconds!!!!!!  AMAZING!!!I am in the process of grading grade 6 and grade 8 sections for their projects.  
I love the 6th graders excellent work on their CADS!!!
I wish more 8th graders completed the three steps in the note taking lessons for Manufacturing Technology.  They will not be able to move on until ll three are completed but each additional week i takes them to complete the grade will be lowered substantially. 

March 24

Grade 8: we continue to take notes on the Manufacturing was the first lesson on part 3 Primary and secondary sources.  By next Friday all students should have 3 different sets of notes in the Manufacturing Process Notes in their Tech Ed folder.  Students receive an A just for taking the notes.
Grade 6: I am glad that kids are enjoying building the tops but I need to share that the CADS should be complete by the due dates given.  The CADS include  very important skill s they need to learn this year.  If any student does not finish work in the class time given I expect them to do it for homework or come for extra help that week and not arrive to the next class saying they didn't finish.  There are 7 days between classes plenty of time for students to finish work.  I am also open for lunch 2/3 times a week and students can do work during that time.  I am also in school every day by 7 am and kids come comde then as well : )
March 21
Grade 6 Sections 9/10 CADS due the 30th at the start of class
Grade 6 sections 7/8 CADs due 29th at the start of class
Grade 6 Sections 5/6 due the 28th
March 20
Grade 6 sections CADS Due March 28 
March 16
Grade 6 sections 1/2 Rotational Motion 3 CADS with transitions due March 24.

March 8

Grade 6 is well on their way to creating CADs for their three tops.  They are also working on their Everfi Ignition course that is due by the end of the year.

Grade 7 will be testing their tools next week in class.  All step 4 should be updated and step 5 and 6 will be done during the next two classes.  They are finishing up Everfi Ignition and this year's course Vault.

Grade 8 will be learning about Manufacturing Technology.  I will be teaching note taking skills while I introduce them to this are of technology.  The note taking will be graded and will culminate with an open book assignment where they can use their notes.  Everfi was due the end of February for those students who did not complete the assignment I will give extra credit opportunities to make up for the grade

February 27

Grade 8 is starting their Physical Properties Scavenger hunt.  Each section has exactly 3 class periods to complete.  Student groups will be graded on how close their results match the teacher defined rating system.  Absent students are expected to get the work form their group before the next class period.  Due dates will be the third/fourth week of March based on their class section.
February 7

Students in grade 6 have started to build their tops.  They have to build three different designs.  From the three they must pick their "best design" and I will teach them CAD.  I have decided to switch the order of step 5 and 3 because it is a difficult process to create a design "In your head" and get it down correctly in your CAD.  This was they have an actual prototype to look to for specific measurements and details.  Grade 7 we have started building our key retrieval devices.  Grade 8 all Everfi courses due on Feb 28.
January 25
Grade 6 Rotational Motion Step 2 Research slide with Bibliography
due dates
1/2 due 1/25
3/4 due 1/26
5/6 due 1/27
7/8 due 1/30
9/10 due 1/31

Grade 8 Everfi course 1 (last year) due February 28.  Course 2 (this year) due February 28

Grade 7 Step 4 due by January 30

January 9

Grade 6 is starting their research on rotational motion.  I am having them use Sweet Search and Easybib to help them find good sources of info and to easily create a bibliography.
January 8
By the end of the day ALL  7th and 8th grade step 3 CADS will have been graded.  There is no opportunity to edit and have me regrade this step as students have been working on this step of the project for over a month.  Good news I drop the lowest grade for the term ; )

January 3
Step 3 CADS are due the next 5 days for all sections of 7 and 8 grade students. I will be grading the students on their step 3 CADS for the next two weeks.  Due to the time given for this step, and the need to assess students on what they have learned of the process  students will receive a final grade for step 3 and will be unable to edit their work.

December 21
CADS are due for grade 7 and 8 the day they return from vacation....
December 16
Check in on 8th grade step 3 CADS MANY students are behind in their class work!! The socialization vs focused work is becoming a bit of an issue.  I am afraid many students although they were given a month to work on the 5 CADS will not have them done by the due date : (
December 13
This is the half way point for my grade 8 and grade 7 student's computer animated designs.  I told students I would be checking in today during class on everyone's progress as they are over half way to the due date: Grade 8 and Grade 7 January 3-9 based on their section number.  I am sa to say I have students who have completed no work during the class period.  They do not have homework because all class expectations can be done based on their time with me in class.  Students who have nothing done have a great deal of work to do on their own time at this point.  I am available lunches for extra help as well as any day after school (Wednesdays are my given day, but I will stay any other day with one day advanced notice). 
December 12 
Counter Hack - Learn JavaScript in this Hour of Code activity. Hack your way through the system by deleting viruses, solving mazes, and navigating portals to save the computer

Name It! - You'll first walk through an and follow directions to create a game to label the three phases of the water cycle. You'll make a fully functioning game, including scoring!

Name-IT (Science) - Create a game to name the parts of a biological cell. Learn the parts of the cell while you make the game, and play it again as many times as you need to refresh your memory!

Minecraft Hour of Code

Flappy Bike - In this activity you'll create a game with player controls! use key-presses to keep your bike in the air while avoiding obstacles!

There are many, many other choices here as well:

December 5
Grades have closed for term through Friday so no work will be edited or accepted late at this point.
The next assignments due for Term 2 will be:
Grade 8: Fidget project Step 3 five CADS January 3-9th based on what day you have Tech Ed 
Grade 7: Key Retrieval project Step 3 four CADS January 3-9th based on when you have Tech Ed
Grade 6: Constraints slide for Rotational Motion due December by December 12th.  Step 2 Research slide due by December 23

Grades close for Term 1 on December 2.  

I have changed my grading system.  Students were not completing work knowing that they did not have grades showing up in terms 1 and 2..  I don't think many students were sharing with parents that they had their grades in term 3 for the past 3 months. It will take me the rest of the week to transfer all term 3 grades into term 1.  From this point on all students will have a grade for term 1, 2 and 3.  A 50 is an incomplete and expected to be completed.  Students should email me when they have completed late work or have edited work for a new grade.  They have one week from the day I gave them feedback (graded) to edit and or finish incomplete work for me to regrade.  Otherwise they keep the grade given. Students must email me if they wish to have incomplete work or edited work regraded.  All work is to be completed in class.  If a student is focused and on task they should be able to complete each assignment that day in class.  Inc or missing work would be due to a student not doing what is expected in class.  There is an issue this year with socializing and incomplete work that I continue to address.

Many of my 8th graders are behind for their fidget project.  If they are focused and working in class they should have step 1 criteria and constraints complete and be well on their way to completing step 2 research.  All grades found in Term 3

Grade 6 
We are starting our first engineering design project.  We have our problem statement and we will be learning how to write criteria and constraints this week and next.
Grade 7
WE have had our step 1 and 2 graded now we are moving to step 3 to design our tool.
Grade 8 
We are continuing our research but many students have missing or late work for 8th grade.  I have had to use class time to reteach and talk to students about behavior. 
All grade 6 google presentation skills projects will be graded by November 4.  Please check comments and or ipass for grade.  Please feel free to complete/edit work and email me for a new grade ; )
Grade 6 starts their EDP project this week : )
Grade 7 step 1 and 2 for key retrieval will be corrected by November 6.  Next week we start Step 3
Grade 8 criteria and constraints will be corrected by November 6 next week.   We will be doing research in class now.

Grade 6: All about me due today I will start to grade projects tomorrow.  It will take over a week to grade all 10 sections
Grade 7: Will complete their step 2 research CAD slide in class this week and I will correct each evening.
Grade 8: Started their EDP Fidget Project this week.  All grades for their EDP lesson will be added by the beginning of next week and I will hopefully have all Fidget step one criteria and constraints graded as well: )

grade Section 1/2 projects due 
sections 1-10 grade 7 step 1 criteria and constraints due

EDP projects for 8th graders are due starting the 18th!!  
Grade 7 we will be finishing up our constraints and moving onto to research next week.  I will be grading 7th graders criteria and constraints starting tonight.
Grade 6 All About Me projects due October 24 but I will not start correcting until the 25th.  With the number of students I have correcting all ten sections for each grade (that is OVER 30 sections) usually takes a full week.  I start with my sections 1/2 so my sections 9/10 are often the last to be graded.  All grades are formative until June meaning that a child can edit their project and email me asking for me to re-correct their project and have their grade changed in IPASS... STUDENTS MUST EMAIL ME WHEN ASKING TO BE RE GRADED.

All 7th graders should have their step 1 problem and criteria complete.  We will be working on our constraints and starting research tomorrow with sections 1/2.
8th Grade EDP project introduced.  They will have 4 class periods to work on it.  sections 1/2 due  October 18th, sections 3/4 19th, sections 5/6 20th, sections 7/8 21st
Sections 9/10 will be starting the Fidgit Project

6th grade all about me due by end of school day October 25th

We are starting our first programming and EDP projects this week.  Every grade will need to complete one Everfi course a year.  If they did not finish the course from the year before they must finish it before starting on the grade level course

Reminder chromebooks won't be handed out until next week.  When you have them don't forget to charge them EVERY need your chromebook for EVERY Tech Ed class

Incoming sixth graders Tech Ed is a paper free classroom you won't need any supplies for the class.
 I am looking forward to meeting you all!!! 

Have a wonderful summer

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