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January 23 2018
Term 3 Parents
I do not use this webpage. Please feel free to add yourself  to my  Google Classroom for Tech ED pages so you can follow all your children's assignments in my class.
Grade 8: 2vgl17b8
Grade 7: hvhsj4w
Grade 6: 5wzp416
Please check in with their grades in IPASS term 3 at least once a week as I update it.  With 350 students I do not call parents for missing work it is expected that they check IPASS and Google Classroom for any inc work that their child has due.    There are long term projects they are starting this week that are due in June and are done independently on their chromebook. They are expected to work on the courses both at home and at school.  Please check in with their progress as I will not be checking or Everfi courses until the day they are due in June. Most students finish long before the due date and I will update any student that finished their work early when they email me to check and grade early.

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