Homework is due the day after it is assigned unless otherwise noted.  Scroll down to see previous weeks' assignments throughout the school year.

Week of June 12
Monday: Guided Reading Worksheet.  Complete Parts A, B. and C!
Tuesday: Finish John Locke Packet (copy from Ch. 35 page into Drive) 
Wednesday: Despotism and Democracy DBQ
Thursday: Finish Enlightenment Prezi notes if not finished in class
Friday: Study for Celebration on Monday

Week of June 5
Monday: 1.) Chapter 35 Vocabulary Definitions  2.) Read through Socratic discussion thread on Verso for recap on Tuesday
Tuesday:  Cornell Notes and Summary Paragraph 35.1 and 35.2 (finish whatever you didn't finish in class)
Wednesday: Start Reading Notes 35 for sections 35.3-35.7  due by Monday 6/12  Salonniere Questions Doc on Ch. 35 Page.
Thursday:  Reading Notes 35.3-35.7 due by Monday 6/12
Friday:  Reading Notes 35.3-35.7 due by Monday 6/12

Week of May 29
Monday: No School - Memorial Day
Tuesday: Prezi slides 20-24
Wednesday: No HW
Thursday: Slides 25-28
Friday: 1.) Prezi Slides 29-33, 2.) Unit Guide Ch. 34 #3

Week of May 22
Monday: Periods A and B only: Finish Columbian Exchange Cornell Notes/Summary Paragraph
Tuesday:  Periods C and D only: Finish Columbian Exchange Cornell Notes/Summary Paragraph
Wednesday: Unit Guide Guiding Questions: Columbian Exchange #1 & #2
Thursday: Chapter 34 Vocabulary Definitions AND finish slides 1-13  ONLY on the Scientific Revolution Prezi if not finished in class.
Friday: Vocabulary Sketches

Week of May 15
Monday: Study for Celebration 5/17
Tuesday: Study for Celebration 5/17
Wednesday: No HW
Thursday:  No HW
Friday: Columbian Exchange vocabulary definitions (under Early Modern Europe tab)

Week of May 8
Monday: No Homework
Tuesday: Alike But Different: Lutheranism, Calvinism, Anglicanism worksheet
Wednesday: "Sum it Up" summary strategy for Tom Richey's mini-lecture on the Counter-Reformation
Thursday: Finish the Counter-Reformation prezi notes if not finished in class
Friday: Finish Annotated Arrows if not finished in class

Week of May 1
Monday: No HW
Tuesday: Chapter 32 Vocabulary definitions
Wednesday: Complete your assigned section of Chapter 32 Reading Notes (either 32.2 Lutheranism, 32.3 Calvinism, or 32.4 Anglicanism)
Thursday: Work on Church Collage
Friday: FINISH Church Collage is not finished in class

Week of April 24
Monday: Ch.31 Vocab and finish the Cornell Notes and summary paragraph  (31.1 & 31.2) if not finished in class
Tuesday: No Homework
Wednesday:  "Luther's Appeal to the Ruling Class" PSD with questions
Thursday: No Homework
Friday: Johann Tetzel Prezi with graphic organizer.  Reminder!! Work towards 3 bullet points per category!

Week of April 10
Monday: Prep for Ch. 30 quiz on Weds. 4/12
Tuesday: Prep for Ch. 30 quiz on Weds. 4/12
Wednesday: No HW
Thursday: No HW
Friday: No School

Week of April 3
Monday:  Finish pedestal symbols and/or any other part of Student Handout 30C if not finished in class.
Tuesday:  No Homework
Wednesday: Periods A & B: Finish Ch. 30 Reading Notes  Periods C & D: No Homework
Thursday: Periods C &D: Finish Ch. 30 Reading Notes Periods A & B: No Homework
Friday: Finish today's classwork: 1.) Processing 30, 2.) Andreas Vesalius  webquest
Ch. 30 Reading Notes will be checked on Monday.  Make sure they are completed by then!

Week of March 27
Monday: 1.) Finish Ch. 29 Reading Notes if note finished in class.  
                      2.) Florence Walking Tour Debriefing Questions on Verso
Tuesday: Work on Florence Postcards - due at start of class Thursday 3/30!
Wednesday: Work on Florence Postcards - due at start of class Thursday 3/30!!
Thursday: Chapter 30 Vocabulary 
Friday: Finish your assigned section of Chapter 30 Reading Notes if not finished in class

Week of March 20
Monday: Mr. Dowling Packet: "Humanism" (pg. 4 of packet)
Tuesday: Study for quiz - Thematic Web distributed in class today is a good tool to use!!
Wednesday: Chapter 29 Vocabulary Terms
Thursday: Finish 29.1 and 29.2 Cornell Notes and summary paragraph if not finished in class
Friday: No HW

Week of March 13
Chapter 28: The Renaissance Begins quiz scheduled for Wednesday March 22.  In-class review Tuesday March 21.  Check "Study Guides" tab for info
Monday: Chapter 28 vocabulary definitions defined in vocabulary notebook
Tuesday: No School ~ Snow Day
Wednesday: "Mr. Dowling" Renaissance Packet: "Dawn of a New Age" (pg.1 of packet)
Thursday: "Mr. Dowling" Renaissance Packet: " Dawn of a New Age" (pp.2-3 of packet)
Friday: No School - Teacher Professional Development Day

Week of March 6
Monday: Work on Samurai project.  Presentations on Wednesday 3/8
Tuesday: Work on Samurai project.  Presentations on Wednesday 3/8
Wednesday:  No HW
Thursday: Respond to Samurai Debriefing Questions on verso - app.versoapp.com - be sure to comment on at least one other student's responses and "like" no more than 3 other responses.
Friday: No HW

Week of February 27
Monday: Samurai vocabulary definitions (Ch. 22: Samurai Resources Page)
Tuesday: Finished assigned "expert  group" notes if not finished in class.  **Includes "additional questions" on page 66A of Journal**
Wednesday:  Finish all Chapter 22 Reading Notes if not finished in class
Thursday: Samurai Project research/preparation
Friday: Samurai Project research/preparation

Week of February 13
Byz/Ott Quiz moved to Thurs 2/16 & Speaking Seminar is Fri 2/17
Monday: No School 
Tuesday: Finish quiz study guide
Wednesday: Study for quiz
Thursday: Prepare for speaking seminar
Friday: No HW

Week of February 6
Monday: Hagia Sophia article with questions
Tuesday:  1.) Ottoman Empire vocabulary terms **use new Ottoman reading packet** 2.) Finish Ottoman Map questions if not finished in class
Wednesday: Read and take notes on a Google Doc, the background essay for fall/siege of Constantinople activity **Ottoman Resources page for link***
Thursday: Finish Verso paragraph/responding to your classmates from fall/siege activity
Friday: No HW

Week of January 30
Monday: "Mr. Dowling" Byzantine Empire reading w/questions
Tuesday: Justinian's Code PSD excerpt w/ questions
Wednesday: No HW
Thursday: Watch "Crash Course World History #12: Rome Fell in the 15th Century" video and complete graphic organizer chart
Friday: No HW

Week of January 23
Bring headphones to class on Tuesday 1/24 Friday 1/27
Monday:  Work on Study Guide - due Weds 1/25
Tuesday: 1.) Finish "Decline of Feudalism" prezi 2.) Finish Study guide
Wednesday: Study for Ch. 4 & 5 Celebration  Sum it Up Statements
Thursday: Move all Ch. 4 & 5 materials to "past units" section of your binder

Week of January 16
Monday: No School MLK Day
Tuesday: Magna Carta Primary Source Reading and Document Based Questions
Wednesday: Finish Reading Notes 5 for 5.4: The Hundred Years War
Thursday: Finish Reading Notes 5 for 5.3: The Bubonic Plague
Friday: Finish "Graph the Plague in Europe" being sure to write your answer to #6 in a thorough paragraph on the back of your graph.

Week of January 9
Monday: No Homework
Tuesday:  Medieval Town Life Powerpoint notes
Wednesday: "Incantation" vocabulary - on Google Classroom
Thursday:  Chapter 5 Vocabulary (in Vocab Notebook)

Week of January 2
Happy New Year!!
Monday:  No School - New Years Day Observed
Tuesday: Chapter 4 Vocabulary
Wednesday:  1.) Assigned section of Chapter 4 Reading Notes.  2.) Expert Card for outside research
Thursday:  Work on skit and work on Chapter 4 Reading Notes (ALL of Ch. 4 Notes due Mon 1/9)
Friday: Work on skit and work on Chapter 4 Reading Notes (ALL of Ch. 4 Notes due Mon 1/9)

Week of December 19
Monday: No Homework
Tuesday: 1.) Finish Crusades Prezi 
                    2.) Finish Study Guide
Wednesday: Study for Celebration  
Thursday: No Homework 
Friday: No Homework

Week of December 12
Monday:  Lay Investiture  primary source excerpt with questions
Tuesday: Finish Chapter 3 Reading Notes and Walking Tour debriefing questions if not finished in class ** Walking Tour Debriefing Questions are posted on Google Classroom
Wednesday: Chapter 11 vocabulary definitions
Thursday: Finish "Top 3 Facts" graphic organizer notes for sections 11.1-11.6
Friday: Finish "The Crusades Changed Everything!' Reading and Graphic Organizer (2-3 bullet points per box!)

Week of December 5
Monday: William the Conqueror biography with questions ** Backside of Charlemagne bio from Friday**
Tuesday: Processing 2 
Wednesday:  Finish Feudal pyramid foldable if not finished in class
Thursday: Chapter 3 Vocabulary Definitions ** AND get your Islam Unit Celebration signed and returned to your permanent work folder fro Friday 12/9***
Friday: No Homework

Week of November 28
Monday: Study for Islam Celebration
Tuesday: No Homework
Wednesday: No Homework
Thursday: Chapter 2 Vocabulary Definitions **"Rise of Feudal Europe" tab on Website**
Friday: Charlemagne reading and questions

Week of November 21
Monday: Work on Study Guide - 
Tuesday: Work on Study Guide ** FINISH it tonight so you don't have to work over the weekend!!**
Wednesday: No Classes today 

Week of November 14
Monday: Complete 2 more sections of Chapter 9 Reading Notes (last two sections left) AND prepare for your presentation
Tuesday: Ch. 9 Review Questions doc - download a copy from the Ch. 9 page of the website
Wednesday: Unit Guide: Chapter 9 Question #1
Thursday: Chapter 10 vocabulary definitions into vocabulary notebook and finish Ch. 10 Cornell Notes and summary paragraph if not finished in class.
Friday: "The Sunnah" primary source document excerpt with questions.

Week of November 7
Islamic Beliefs Group Presentation Prep Begins This Week!! Presentations Commence on Tuesday November 15 
Monday: Complete your group's assigned section of Chapter 9 Reading Notes PLUS at least one other section of Ch. 9 Reading Notes (entire chapter of notes due Tues. 11/15)
Tuesday: No School - Election Day/Professional Development Day
Wednesday:  Complete 2 more sections of Ch. 9 Reading Notes
Thursday: Complete 2 more sections of Ch. 9 Reading Notes ALSO get your Ch. 8 quiz signed and returned by Monday 11/14!!
Friday:  No School - Veterans Day

Week of October 31
Monday:  Study for Ch.8 Quiz
Tuesday:  No Homework
Wednesday:  Chapter 9 vocabulary definitions recorded into vocab notebook
Thursday: Finish 9.1&9.2 Cornell Notes and summary paragraph if not finished in class.
Friday:  No Homework

Week of October 24
Monday:  No Homework
Tuesday:  No Homework
Wednesday:  Jerusalem article with questions
Thursday: Skillbuilder Practice worksheet and Reteaching Worksheet **double-sided paper**
Friday:   1.) Finish Muhammad Biocube if not finished in class
                2.) Finish study guide
                3.) Get Asian Philosophies Celebration signed and return to permanent work folder

Week of October 17
Monday: Finish Celebration Study Guide
Tuesday: Study for Celebration
Wednesday: No Homework
Thursday: "30 Days" video 2 paragraph response **Submit on Google Classroom**
Friday: 1.) Finish Cornell Notes & summary paragraph for Ch. 8.1 and 8.2
                2.) Chapter 8 Vocabulary definitions *New Vocab on the Islam Unit main page of site*

Week of October 10
Pan Chao primary source reading, review questions & paragraph response are due on Google Classroom by 2:00 pm on Friday October 14
Monday:  No School - Columbus Day
Tuesday: No Homework  (Pan Chao assignment started in class today)
Google Classroom Sign up Codes:
Period A = 38inqn
Period B = i2uvo9h
Period C = pnlvj0
Period D = t1askr
Wednesday: No School - Yom Kippur
Thursday: Finish Early Imperial China Scavenger Hunt - due Friday 10/14
Friday:   Finish Unit Guide: Chapter 21 Questions #1-4 (started in class today as our "Warm up") 

Week of October 3
Monday: No School - Rosh Hashanah

Tuesday: Buddhism Prezi with graphic organizer for note taking.  Focus on approximately 3 pieces of information per box/topic (on average) Buddhism PreziBuddhism Prezi Graphic Organizer

Wednesday: Chapter 21:Three Chinese Philosophies vocabulary definitions.  List of words on Asian Religions main page and Link to Reading Chapter on Ch. 21 page. Make sure notes for 21.1/21.2 in the Guided Notes Journal are complete too (top of page 16 in Guiden Notes Journal)

Thursday: Confucius: China's Great Teacher

Friday: No Homework

Week of September 26
Monday:  Watch some of the  (20 minutes)  the Presidential Debate & complete the "2016 Presidential Debate Observation and Analysis Journal" graphic organizer
Tuesday: "Right Livelihood" article & questions
Wednesday: 1. Finish Webquest (assigned Friday 9/23) 2. Read and markup up "Basic Tenets of Buddhism" reading
Thursday: Unit Guide: Buddhism Questions #1-3
Friday: "Popularity" Jataka Tales story with questions

Week of September 19
Monday: "Tulsi Gabbard. First Hindu in Congress" news article with questions Graphic for Review Question #4
Tuesday: Finish Hinduism Quiz Study Guide 
Wednesday:  Study for quiz
Thursday: 1.) Buddhism/Ch. 16 Vocab (List on Asian Religions Unit Main Page!) 2.) Buddhism Opinionaire - "What Does it Really Mean to Be Enlightened?" worksheet
Friday: Buddhism Webquest due Thursday 9/29 Links for each site on "Ch. 16: The Story of Buddhism" page

Week of September 12
Monday: "How Long Would it Take to Travel the Silk Road?" worksheet
Tuesday: Chapter 15/Hinduism Vocabulary Terms are located on the "Silk Road & Asian Religions Resources" page.  Define these terms in your COMPOSITION Notebook, following the orange directions taped into the front cover of your notebook
Wednesday: Cornell Notes Summary paragraph (pg. 5 Guided Notes Journal)
Thursday: Varna: The Hindu Caste System reading w/questions
Friday: No Homework

Week of September 5
Monday: No School - Labor Day
Tuesday: Finish Personal Timeline
Wednesday:  Silk Road Simulation Debriefing Questions
Thursday: Processing 24, pp. 4-5 in your Guided Notes Journal AND finish Ch. 24 Reading Notes if not finished in class
Friday: Finish September 11 quilt piece if not finished in class.
The Man with the Red Bandana - video about September 11, 2001

Week of August 30
Signed Syllabus and Parent Email Signup Form due Tuesday Sept. 6
Monday: No School 
Tuesday: Complete "Welcome" prezi review questions. Link to Prezi presentation
Wednesday: Bring in pictures/visuals for the timeline and final list of 10 personal events for timeline project.
Thursday: Timeline is due Wednesday Sept. 7
Friday: No School -  Professional Day