Homework is due the day after it is assigned unless otherwise noted.  Scroll down to see previous weeks' assignments throughout the school year.

Week of May 21
Monday: Counter Reformation & Protestant Reformation videos w/graphic organizer.  Videos = first two links on Ch. 32 page under "Websites and Videos"
Tuesday: Study for Celebration
Wednesday: Study for Celebration
Thursday:  Complete Student Feedback Survey - located towards the top of the Google Classroom Stream!
Friday: No HW

Week of May 14
Monday: Prepare for Council of Holliston Socratic Seminar/Debate
                    Periods A and B start on Tuesday 5/15
                    Periods C and D start on Wedneday 5/16
Tuesday: Periods A & B only: Prepare for Day 2 of Seminar/Debate on Wednesday 5/16
Wednesday: Periods A & B: Complete the Self-Assessment and TURN IT IN on Google Classroom
                         Peridos C & D: Prepare for Day 2 of Seminar Debate on Thursday 5/17
Thursday: Periods A & B: No HW
                       Periods C & D: Complete the Self-Assessment and TURN IT IN on Google Classroom
Friday: Periods C & D only: No Homework

Week of May 7
Monday: Period A ONLY; Ch. 32 Vocabulary 
Tuesday: Period A: FINISH ALL Ch. 32 Reading Notes.  
                    Periods B, C, D: Ch. 32 Vocabulary
Wedneday: Periods B, C, D: Finish ALL Ch. 32 Reading Notes
Thursday:  Catholic Counter Reformation Prezi w/ Graphic Organizer for notes
Friday: Research for Council of Holliston Debate/Seminar

Week of April 30
Monday: Finish today's class work if not finished in class (31.3: "Early Calls to Reform" reading/notes)
Tuesday:  Primary Source Document: The 95 Theses, by Martin Luther
Wednesday: Read & complete reading notes for 31.5: "Later Reformers"
Thursday: Johann Tetzel Prezi w/ graphic organizer.  Link for prezi on Ch. 31 page.
Friday: Johan Tetzel Response on Flipgrid.  See assignment in Google Classroom for flipgrid join code.

Week April 23
Monday:  Andreas Vesalius Webquest - questions and link on Google Classroom
Tuesday: Study for Quiz
Wednesday: No Homework
Thursday:  Chapter 31 vocabulary definitions
Friday: Finish today's classwork (31.2 reading & Cornell Notes in ISN)

Week of April 9
Monday: Complete your assigned section of Chapter 30 Reading Notes
Tuesday: No Homework
Wednesday:  Finish museum bust pedestal if not finished in class
Thursday: Finish ALL Ch. 30 Reading Notes if not finished in class
Friday: No Homework

Week of April 2
Monday: 1.) Finish Ch. 29 Reading Notes (Questions 1 and 2) if not finished in class
                   2.) Watch Crash Course World History video "Was the Renaissance Really a Renaissance? and complete the "Sum it Up graphic organizer
Tuesday - Thursday:  Florence Postcards home due Friday April 6.
Friday: 1.) Finish Cornell Notes summary paragraph,
                 2.) Ch.30 Vocabulary 

Week of March 26
Monday: Study for quiz
Tuesday:  Ch. 29 vocab definitions
Wednesday: Cornell Notes summary paragraph for 29.1 and 29.2
Thursday: No HW
Friday: No School

Week of March 19
Monday: 1.) Finish "Art Cheat Sheet" notes if not finished in class 
                    2.) Chapter 28 vocabulary
Tuesday: From the Mr. Dowling Renaissance reading/hw packet: "Dawn of a New Age"
Wednesday: Finish 28.3 "Exit Card" (Form on Google Classroom) if not finished in class
Thursday:  From the Mr. Dowling Renaissance reading/hw packet: "City-States in Italy"
Friday: From the Mr. Dowling Renaissance reading/hw packet: "Humanism"

Week of March 12
Monday: Finish reading the article, "Guns in America" and complete the Google Form question posted on Google Classroom.
Tuesday: Snow Day
Wednesday: Snow Day
Thursday: Prepare for presentations Friday
Friday: No HW

Week of March 5
Monday - Thursday: work on your samurai research project.  Presentations start on Friday 3/9!
Friday: No Homework

Week of February 26
Monday: Prepare for Incantation Socratic Seminar
                                                Verso Join Codes (for Socratic Seminar)
                                                   Period A: UTQPBT
                                                    Period B: BDID3W
                                                    Period C: 5QFHTL
                                                    Period D: QY5UKF
Tuesday: Samurai vocabulary definitions.  Chapter 22: The Rise of the Warrior Class in Japan
Wednesday: No HW
Thursday: No HW
Friday: Finish Samurai Hyperdoc if not finished in class.  Don't forget to submit the Google Form at the end AND "turn in" on Google Classroom!!!

Week of February 12
Monday: Ottoman Prezi with Graphic Organizer.  NOTE:  Some video clips are not working - just skip those parts for now
Tuesday:  Finish Ottoman Video and video questions if we do not finish in class.  Only watch the video through 33:41
Wednesday: Study for quiz
Thursday: No HW
Friday: No School - Teacher Professional Development Day

Week of February 5
Monday: Crash Course World History Video #12: Rome Fell in the 15th Century.  Watch the video and complete the graphic organizer.
Tuesday: Byzantine Empire Prezi notes: 3 bullets/topic 
Wednesday: Due to today's early release, please finish watching the Engineering and Empire video and complete the 3-2-1 Survey graphic organizer.  Video times per class are below:
Period D:  pick up at 19:29
Period C: pick up at 22:33
Period B: pick up at 23:18
Period A: pick up at 24:00
Thursday: 1.) Find the answer to your questions created in class today 2) Complete the form about student question formulation.  Click here for survey OR go to Ottoman Empire page.
Friday: 1.) Finish the Ottoman Empire map and related map questions.  Link for map on website
2.) Ottoman Empire vocabulary definitions.  THERE IS NO GLOSSARY THIS TIME all words will require an internet search.

Week of January 29
Monday: No Homework
Tuesday: Chapter 6: The Byzantine Empire vocabulary definitions
Wednesday: Mr. Dowling: "The Byzantine Empire" reading w/questions
Thursday: Justinian's Code primary source excerpt with questions
Friday: No Homework Period D: make sure you correct 6.4 notes via my outline on the Ch. 6 page of this website.

Week of January 15
Monday: No School - MLK Day
Tuesday: Chapter 5 Vocabulary Definitions
Wednesday: Magna Carta Document Based Questions
Thursday: Read 5.4: "The Hundred Years' War" in History Alive (pp.58-59) & complete the ISN questions (pg 60)
Friday: Read 5.3: "The Bubonic Plague in History Alive (pp. 56-57) & complete the ISN questions (pg. 60)

Week of January 8
Monday:  Finish Medieval Town Life skit preparation.  We begin filming on Tuesday 1/9/18!!
Tuesday: Survival of the Fittest vocabulary strategy
Wednesday: Finish Medieval Town Life Hyperdoc if not finished in class
Thursday: Incantation Vocabulary Definitions (Google Classroom Assignment)

Week of January 1
Happy New Year!
Monday: No School - New Years Day
Tuesday:  Chapter 4 Vocabulary Definitions
Wednesday: 1.) Chapter 4 Reading Notes - all sections due by Monday January 8 2.) Work on Medieval Town Life Video Preparation
Thursday: Same as Wednesday
Friday: Same as Wednesay

Week of December 18
Monday: Finish Crusades Hyperdoc if not finished in class - DON'T FORGET TO CLICK "TURN IN" ON CLASSROOM!
Wednesday: No HW
Thursday: No HW
Friday: HW = HAVE A GREAT VACATION!  SEE YOU IN 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Week of December 11
Monday: 1.) Chapter 11(The Crusades) Vocab 2.) Finish "The Crusades Changed Everything" if not finished in class
Tuesday: Finish Top 3 Facts graphic organizer/reading for sections 11.2-11.7 if not finished in class today
Wednesday: Finish "Letter to the Crusaders" PSD if not finished in class
Thursday: No HW
Friday:Finish Crusades Prezi if not finished in class today

Week of December 4
Monday: 1.) Finish Ch. 3 Vocab if not finished in class. 2.) In the Electronic Passport to the Middle Ages, read the section on "Christendom" and complete the corresponding homework page in the packet
Tuesday: No HW ***this is a GREAT night to start your study guide!!!***
Wednesday: Primary Source Worksheet; "Lay Investiture"
Thursday: Finish your sketchnotes using the Ch. 3 outline notes on the Ch. 3 page of website. Sketchnotes hyperdoc linked to Chapter 3 page for your reference
Friday: UPDATED!!!! FINISH Cathedrals video - Links on Ch. 3 page

Week of November 27
Monday: Finish 2.2 and 2.3 Notes in ISN
Tuesday: Electronic Passport: "Feudalism" & "Primogeniture"
Wednesday: Electronic Passport: "The Franks & Charlemagne" and "The Normans"
Thursday: Processing 2, pg. 47 ISN
Friday: Finish Feudalism Foldable if not finished in class

Week of November 20
Monday: Chapter 2 vocabulary definitions
Tuesday: Electronic Passport to the Middle Ages Packet: read  the section entitled "Between Ancient and Modern" (reading linked to Ch. 2 page) and complete "Homework 1" in the Homework packet received in class.
Wednesday: No Homework

Week of November 13
Monday: Work on 4 slides in the Ch. 10 Workbook (Google Slides Deck)
Tuesday: Finish Ch. 10 Workbook (Google Slides Deck) 
Wednesday: Complete Google Forms Survey on Classroom AND correct Ch. 10 Slides.  Key on Ch. 10 page
Thursday: Study for Celebration
Friday:  No HW

Week of November 6
Islam Unit Celebration Study Guide is now available
Monday: 1.) Finish Chapter 9 Reading Notes in ISN 2.) Prepare for Ch. 9 Group Presentations
Tuesday: Chapter 10: Contribution of Muslims to World Civilization vocabulary definitions
Wednesday: Read 10.1 (Ch. Intro) and 10. 2 (The Flowering of Islamic Civilization) and complete Cornell Notes & summary paragraph
Thursday: Start Chapter 10 Google Slides Workbook Notes (Google Classroom).  Notes are due on November 16.
Friday: No School - Teacher Professional Day

Week of October 30
ALL of CH. 9 Reading Notes due 11/7
Ch. 9 Group Presentations 11/7-11/8
Islam Unit Celebration Study Guide is now available
Monday: Chapter 9 Vocabulary Definitions
Tuesday: Your assigned section of Chapter 9 Reading Notes PLUS one other section of CH. 9 Reading Notes
Wednesday: Continue to work on Ch. 9 Reading Notes (1-2 sections) and Project Prep
Thursday: Continue to work on Ch. 9 Reading Notes (1-2 sections) and Project Prep
Friday: Continue to work on Ch. 9 Reading Notes (1-2 sections) and Project Prep

Week of October 23
Monday: Finish 8.6 Summary Paragraph if not finished in class
Tuesday: NO HW
Wednesday:  Muhammad Prezi
Thursday: Study for Quiz
Friday: No HW

Week of October 16
History Alive! The Medieval World textbook MUST be covered by Monday 10/23
Monday: Study for Celebration
Tuesday: No HW
Wednesday: "30 Days" paragraph response (Google Classroom Assignment)
Thursday:  CH. 8 "The Prophet Muhammad" Vocabulary Definitions and finish Cornell Notes/Summary Paragraph for 8.1 and 8.2
Friday: Finish today's classwork if not finished in class (Summary Paragraph for 8.3 and 8.4)

Week of October 9
Monday: No School - Columbus Day
Tuesday: Work on Imperial China Scavenger Hunt (DUE 10/13)  and/or your Study Guide (Celebration 10/17)
Wednesday:  Scavenger Hunt (DUE 10/13)  and/or your Study Guide (Celebration 10/17)
Thursday:   Scavenger Hunt (DUE 10/13)  and/or your Study Guide (Celebration 10/17)
Friday: Complete Processing 21 in your ISN, pg. 19

Week of October 2
Google Classroom Join Codes
Period A: 38inqn
Period B: i2uv09h
Period C: pnlvj0
Period D: t1askr
Monday: Finish Buddhism Packet reading and 3-2-1 Graphic Organizer if not finished in class.  The reading packet is linked as a PDF on the Buddhism Page
Tuesday: Chapter 21 Vocabulary defined in Vocabulary Notebook
Wednesday: "Confucius: China's Great Teacher" reading and questions
Thursday: No Homework
Friday: Finish Pan Chao paragraph response if not finished in class (Google Classroom Assignment)

Week of September 25
Monday: Finish Vocab Images sheet using the Buddhism/CH. 16 Vocabulary
Tuesday: Finish Buddhism Webquest assigned Fri 9/22
Wednesday: Read and mark up "Basic Tenets of Buddhism" and complete 16.6 reading and notes if not finished in class.
Thursday: Read the fable entitled "Popularity" and answer the comprehension questions
Friday: Finish taking notes on the Buddhism Prezi if not finished in class

Week of September 18
Extra help available Tuesday this week
Monday: Processing 15 (pg. 8, ISN) Be sure to underline or highlight key terms (5) and daily life statements (3)
Tuesday: Study for Hinduism Quiz
Wednesday: No HW
Thursday: No School
Friday: Buddhism Vocabulary definitions into vocabulary notebook. **words found on the "Asian Religions" unit page*** (Just click on the tab itself to get to the unit page)

Week of September 11
Monday: Chapter 15 (Hinduism) vocabulary and finish Geography Challenge if not finished in class.
Tuesday:  Finish Cornell Notes Summary paragraph for sections 15.1 and 15.2 in your ISN
Wednesday:  Varna: The Hindu Caste  System reading w/ question
Thursday: Divali 101 reading and questions
Friday: NO HW

Week of September 5
Monday: No School - Labor Day
Tuesday:  Finish Snapshot Autobiography pamphlet.  Due at the start of class Wednesday
Wednesday: Silk Road Simulation Debriefing Questions make a copy from the "Silk Road" tab (under the Silk Road and Asian Religions Resources tab)
Thursday: Processing 24 in ISN (pp. 3-4)
Friday: Travel Along the Silk Road worksheet

Week of August 28
Signed Syllabus (parent and student signature!) AND parent Newsflash email signup form due Thursday August 31
Monday: No School Teacher Professional Day
Tuesday: Snapshot Autobiography interview worksheet
Wednesday: Work on your Snapshot Autobiography pamphlet
Thursday: No "official" homework BUT Snapshot Autobiography is due Wednesday September 6.
Friday: No School - Teacher Professional Day