Homework is due the day after it is assigned unless otherwise noted.  Scroll down to see previous weeks' assignments throughout the school year.
Week of December 11
Monday: 1.) Chapter 11(The Crusades) Vocab 2.) Finish "The Crusades Changed Everything" if not finished in class
Tuesday: Finish Top 3 Facts graphic organizer/reading for sections 11.2-11.7 if not finished in class today
Wednesday: Finish "Letter to the Crusaders" PSD if not finished in class
Thursday: No HW
Friday:Finish Crusades Prezi if not finished in class today

Week of December 4
Monday: 1.) Finish Ch. 3 Vocab if not finished in class. 2.) In the Electronic Passport to the Middle Ages, read the section on "Christendom" and complete the corresponding homework page in the packet
Tuesday: No HW ***this is a GREAT night to start your study guide!!!***
Wednesday: Primary Source Worksheet; "Lay Investiture"
Thursday: Finish your sketchnotes using the Ch. 3 outline notes on the Ch. 3 page of website. Sketchnotes hyperdoc linked to Chapter 3 page for your reference
Friday: UPDATED!!!! FINISH Cathedrals video - Links on Ch. 3 page

Week of November 27
Monday: Finish 2.2 and 2.3 Notes in ISN
Tuesday: Electronic Passport: "Feudalism" & "Primogeniture"
Wednesday: Electronic Passport: "The Franks & Charlemagne" and "The Normans"
Thursday: Processing 2, pg. 47 ISN
Friday: Finish Feudalism Foldable if not finished in class

Week of November 20
Monday: Chapter 2 vocabulary definitions
Tuesday: Electronic Passport to the Middle Ages Packet: read  the section entitled "Between Ancient and Modern" (reading linked to Ch. 2 page) and complete "Homework 1" in the Homework packet received in class.
Wednesday: No Homework

Week of November 13
Monday: Work on 4 slides in the Ch. 10 Workbook (Google Slides Deck)
Tuesday: Finish Ch. 10 Workbook (Google Slides Deck) 
Wednesday: Complete Google Forms Survey on Classroom AND correct Ch. 10 Slides.  Key on Ch. 10 page
Thursday: Study for Celebration
Friday:  No HW

Week of November 6
Islam Unit Celebration Study Guide is now available
Monday: 1.) Finish Chapter 9 Reading Notes in ISN 2.) Prepare for Ch. 9 Group Presentations
Tuesday: Chapter 10: Contribution of Muslims to World Civilization vocabulary definitions
Wednesday: Read 10.1 (Ch. Intro) and 10. 2 (The Flowering of Islamic Civilization) and complete Cornell Notes & summary paragraph
Thursday: Start Chapter 10 Google Slides Workbook Notes (Google Classroom).  Notes are due on November 16.
Friday: No School - Teacher Professional Day

Week of October 30
ALL of CH. 9 Reading Notes due 11/7
Ch. 9 Group Presentations 11/7-11/8
Islam Unit Celebration Study Guide is now available
Monday: Chapter 9 Vocabulary Definitions
Tuesday: Your assigned section of Chapter 9 Reading Notes PLUS one other section of CH. 9 Reading Notes
Wednesday: Continue to work on Ch. 9 Reading Notes (1-2 sections) and Project Prep
Thursday: Continue to work on Ch. 9 Reading Notes (1-2 sections) and Project Prep
Friday: Continue to work on Ch. 9 Reading Notes (1-2 sections) and Project Prep

Week of October 23
Monday: Finish 8.6 Summary Paragraph if not finished in class
Tuesday: NO HW
Wednesday:  Muhammad Prezi
Thursday: Study for Quiz
Friday: No HW

Week of October 16
History Alive! The Medieval World textbook MUST be covered by Monday 10/23
Monday: Study for Celebration
Tuesday: No HW
Wednesday: "30 Days" paragraph response (Google Classroom Assignment)
Thursday:  CH. 8 "The Prophet Muhammad" Vocabulary Definitions and finish Cornell Notes/Summary Paragraph for 8.1 and 8.2
Friday: Finish today's classwork if not finished in class (Summary Paragraph for 8.3 and 8.4)

Week of October 9
Monday: No School - Columbus Day
Tuesday: Work on Imperial China Scavenger Hunt (DUE 10/13)  and/or your Study Guide (Celebration 10/17)
Wednesday:  Scavenger Hunt (DUE 10/13)  and/or your Study Guide (Celebration 10/17)
Thursday:   Scavenger Hunt (DUE 10/13)  and/or your Study Guide (Celebration 10/17)
Friday: Complete Processing 21 in your ISN, pg. 19

Week of October 2
Google Classroom Join Codes
Period A: 38inqn
Period B: i2uv09h
Period C: pnlvj0
Period D: t1askr
Monday: Finish Buddhism Packet reading and 3-2-1 Graphic Organizer if not finished in class.  The reading packet is linked as a PDF on the Buddhism Page
Tuesday: Chapter 21 Vocabulary defined in Vocabulary Notebook
Wednesday: "Confucius: China's Great Teacher" reading and questions
Thursday: No Homework
Friday: Finish Pan Chao paragraph response if not finished in class (Google Classroom Assignment)

Week of September 25
Monday: Finish Vocab Images sheet using the Buddhism/CH. 16 Vocabulary
Tuesday: Finish Buddhism Webquest assigned Fri 9/22
Wednesday: Read and mark up "Basic Tenets of Buddhism" and complete 16.6 reading and notes if not finished in class.
Thursday: Read the fable entitled "Popularity" and answer the comprehension questions
Friday: Finish taking notes on the Buddhism Prezi if not finished in class

Week of September 18
Extra help available Tuesday this week
Monday: Processing 15 (pg. 8, ISN) Be sure to underline or highlight key terms (5) and daily life statements (3)
Tuesday: Study for Hinduism Quiz
Wednesday: No HW
Thursday: No School
Friday: Buddhism Vocabulary definitions into vocabulary notebook. **words found on the "Asian Religions" unit page*** (Just click on the tab itself to get to the unit page)

Week of September 11
Monday: Chapter 15 (Hinduism) vocabulary and finish Geography Challenge if not finished in class.
Tuesday:  Finish Cornell Notes Summary paragraph for sections 15.1 and 15.2 in your ISN
Wednesday:  Varna: The Hindu Caste  System reading w/ question
Thursday: Divali 101 reading and questions
Friday: NO HW

Week of September 5
Monday: No School - Labor Day
Tuesday:  Finish Snapshot Autobiography pamphlet.  Due at the start of class Wednesday
Wednesday: Silk Road Simulation Debriefing Questions make a copy from the "Silk Road" tab (under the Silk Road and Asian Religions Resources tab)
Thursday: Processing 24 in ISN (pp. 3-4)
Friday: Travel Along the Silk Road worksheet

Week of August 28
Signed Syllabus (parent and student signature!) AND parent Newsflash email signup form due Thursday August 31
Monday: No School Teacher Professional Day
Tuesday: Snapshot Autobiography interview worksheet
Wednesday: Work on your Snapshot Autobiography pamphlet
Thursday: No "official" homework BUT Snapshot Autobiography is due Wednesday September 6.
Friday: No School - Teacher Professional Day