SCHOOL: Miller Elementary

CLASS: Grade 5, Math and Science

SCHOOL PHONE: ext 3119

About The Teacher

I live in Norfolk with my husband and two children. My son, Colin, is a 
graduate of Clemson University and my daughter, Francesca, is a senior at Umass Amherst. 

I have been working with students at the elementary level for over 15 years. 
I hold a Master's degree in Science and a CAGS degree in Curriculum and 

Mission For The Class

My mission for this class is for my students to develop a stronger interest 
in their education. I'd like to see all my students understand the 
importance of become engaged and active learners, and it is my hope that 
they will ultimately become life-long learners.

Statement of Purpose:

Our classroom is a safe, positive learning environment, which promotes 
cooperation, creativity, and academic success. All students will be active 
participants in the educational process in order to achieve their full