Welcome to Room 108!

Upcoming Events

Monday 6/18 - Beach and Camping Day!  See notice in your child's folder with details.

Tuesday 6/19 - Popsicles in the Courtyard!

Wednesday 6/20 - Movie Day!  We will be emailing you the movie choice next week.

Thursday 6/21 - Last Day!  This will be a half day dismissal at 11:50.  They won't be having lunch at their normal time, so please send them with a big snack!  We will be having snack and playing games out in the courtyard to celebrate the end of the year, our awesome room parents, and summer birthdays!

*These events are for students only.  

*Please let us know if your child will not be here on the last day so we can say goodbye and send their belongings home early.  

*Report Cards will be going home on the last day.  If your child isn't here that day, you'll need to pick it up in the Placentino office on or after the last day of school.