-Please remember to wear your sneakers on Physical Education Days!!

Philosophy of Physical Education

Physical Education should be recognized as an integral part of total 
education which contributes to the development of each student physically, 
mentally and emotionally through the process of human movement.  This is 
executed through careful, sequential planning using building block 
progression.  This experience is designed to fulfill the growth, development 
and behavioral needs of each student.
 This process encourages each student to develop through the three domains 
of learning (Psycho-motor, Cognitive and Affective).  Each student will learn 
to move skillfully and effectively through each of the activities that are 
taught.  All individuals will gain the knowledge of how and why one moves, 
and also the ways in which movements may be organized.
Each student will understand the necessity for conditioning the heart, 
lungs, muscles and other organic systems of the body to meet daily energy 
demands.  All children will grow to appreciate and respect fitness and 
understand the importance of it becoming a lifelong habit.
The comprehension and application of teamwork and sportsmanship is an 
essential aspect of our Physical Education program.  The emphasis of our 
Physical Education program is placed on the ways in which the activity is 
approached as opposed to the results achieved.

Most importantly, each student will experience SUCCESS and ENJOYMENT.

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