Grade 7 Social Studies-Ancient Civilizations-Ideas that Shaped History

7th Grade Curriculum Map -

Ancient Civilizations

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Course Overview

Curriculum-Based Thematic Questions

Big Ideas

1. What does it mean to be civilized?

2. Why do civilizations rise and fall?

3. How does geography, climate and natural resources affect the way people live and work?

4. What makes a culture unique?

-Every civilization is marked by a number of shared traits or characteristics

-Civilizations rise and fall

-Geography impacts how people live and work

-Civilizations, cultures are unique

Geography and the Seven Characteristics of Civilization with Corresponding Inquiry-Based Question




Stable Food Supply

Arts and Writing


Specialization of Labor



Why is “where” important?

What is power?

How does religion shape society?

Why is being, “full” important?

How do the arts reflect culture?

How does technological change influence people’s lives?

What is the ‘best’ job for you?

What is the importance of social structure in society?

History, I love HISTORY!

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