Welcome to the Miller Mustang Elementary Band!

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Miller Mustang Elementary School Band! Thank you for choosing to be a part of the band program here in Holliston. As a member of the Miller Band, you and your child have chosen to embark on a rewarding journey with a fine group of peers. Our band isn't just something to participate in during or after school; it's a team and a family. Band is a place where you can have fun, meet new friends, and build musical skills that you can be enjoyed for years to come. Parents, band will give your child the experience of a lifetime! Since the band is a team, it functions best when everyone brings forth their best effort. In the Miller band, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of behavior, and are committed to doing our very best every time we play!

Why are we here? 

Quality music education is a valuable experience for young people. Learning to play a band instrument helps children learn the value of effort and perseverance, make new friends, and develop an understanding of their unique strengths and capabilities. The Miller Elementary Band is designed to empower fourth and fifth graders to build their musical skills and develop talents they can be proud of.

Benefits of Band at Miller: 

Band helps students develop self-discipline, independence, and teamwork in a fun, upbeat atmosphere. In band, our learning is experiential. We learn about music and we learn how to MAKE music! Our program supports Miller’s international focus; students will experience the music of cultures they study in the regular classroom. Playing music helps expand students' sense of possibility. As students practice and improve their musical skills, they begin to realize the great things they're capable of achieving. Learning music connects and expands upon topics from students' other classes. Reading, writing, math, and social studies take on a whole new meaning in band!

Who can join the Miller Bands? 

In June each year, an instrument presentation will be given to all the third graders in order for them to sign up at the beginning of their 4th-grade year. 5th Grade band is comprised of any student who wishes to continue band. Generally, students will not be allowed to join the band in 5th grade unless permission is given by Ms. Lemoine. Jazz Band is reserved for 5th-grade students only and is assembled through an audition process that begins towards the end of September.

Does Band require a Practice Commitment at Home? 

YES! To truly understand the musical concepts and techniques presented in learning to play an instrument, your child must repeatedly experience how it feels to play the instrument on his/her own. It is expected that student practice at 4 to 5 days a week for 20 minutes each.

Learning a musical instrument is unlike almost any other endeavor young child attempts. Virtually no other activity requires the same kind of weekly instruction, the intense individual effort that must continue over a period of several years, and, most of all, the daily practice that is so essential to learning to play any instrument.

To be effective, the practice has to be viewed as a primary activity, like doing homework, eating lunch, or going to school. Daily practice is not an easy habit and children need to be reminded and encouraged to practice their instruments, just as they need to be reminded to brush their teeth or do their homework. One effective solution that works for some families (but certainly not for everyone) is for the child to practice in the morning before school.

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