Countdown to Try-outs!


2017-2018 Captains: Andrew Lynch, Dylan Kasarjian, Patrick Jewett, Ryan Benco
Coaches:  Jenna Galster (V), Joel Bernstein (JV), Chris Vanesian (F)

Court Fundraiser update 3/25/17: Hello HHS Friends!

Did you know that our Holliston High School's NEW, SAFE gym floor is truly going to be a reality? The NEW, SAFE Holliston High School gym floor will be installed THIS July 2017, as we are so close to reaching the fundraising goal to make it happen! With the help and support of our own Holliston School Committee and Dr. Jackson, all voting YES to make another $40,000.00 possible for this mission to come true, along with so many Holliston families and friends pitching in their time, efforts and energy, you need to know that we are almost there! Our combined efforts have raised close to $75.000.00 since this winter, and we have $25,000.00 more to go for our NEW, SAFE gym floor to be installed THIS JULY, 2017! 

Friends of Holliston Basketball Committee is working to raise additional funds this coming Friday night, March 31st and April 28th. FOHB is hosting a "Fabulous Friday of Fun with Friends" night out for kids to give parents a night out!  There will also be another local Bertucci's day on April 12th!

2017 Keough Classic Winners

Congratulations to Spencer & Dylan on being named TVL All-stars and for Michael & Andrew as TVL Honorable Mention.

We've been approved to fundraise for a new court!
Click the link above for more information!


1.  Lay-ups: good fundamentals- shoulders square, attacking the hoop, extending your follow through...everything we have talked about!
2.  Protecting the paint:  active feet and hands on defense, deny them the paint (whether it's your guy or your teammate's) before and after the shot (box out!)
3.  Pushing the tempo of the game
4.  Stronger and Quicker:  Ladders and weight room (or burpees, push-ups, etc. work too!)