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 Holliston Extended Day was founded in 1987 to serve the families of Holliston.  
We are proud to be a program of the Holliston Public Schools

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Who Are We?

Holliston Extended Day is an afterschool program serving the public schools of Holliston, Massachusetts. Our children range in age from pre-school through eighth grade. These age groups are divided into three programs. The first is YKO, which is our pre-school classroom. The second program is called OKO and is home to children in grades K-4. Finally, we have YMD, which is the program in serves students in grades 5-8. All programs share the same philosophy, yet each has its own, unique, age-appropriate goals.

Mission Statement

Extended Day is dedicated to building each child's self-esteem and to helping each child gain the social skills necessary for developing positive peer relationships and a positive self-image. Social-emotional learning is our thing. 

All Extended Day activities are designed to reflect this philosophy. Extended Day activities will challenge each child to explore, discover, create, and grow at their own pace. Time to develop new interests is balanced with time to practice social skills while relaxing and playing with friends. To ensure that every student has a successful program experience, the teacher/student ratio is low and the teachers are experienced and caring.

Program Philosophy

We understand that we are just one of many stops on your child’s journey to adulthood, but we hope that their time at Extended Day will be rewarding.  At Extended Day we strive to create an environment within which your child can learn to be a contributing member of a community. Learning to be a contributing member of a community includes building friendship skills. It includes learning to solve problems and resolve conflicts in a positive manner.  Learning to be a member of a community includes learning to respect differences and celebrate diversity.  It includes learning to take responsibility for one's choices, words, and actions.  Learning to be a member of a community includes learning self-regulation and mindfulness skills. It also includes developing interests into passions, talents into strengths, and most importantly, being accepted and celebrated for the unique and wonderful person that you are.  There are many different names for this type of learning. It’s often labeled as citizenship skills, social competencies, or the current buzz phrase, social-emotional learning.  We just call it Extended Day. 

The Holliston Extended Day Program strives to provide your child with an environment within which he/she can safely explore, discover, create, and grow. Children are supervised at all times while participating in program activities to ensure the health and safety of each child. The Extended Day staff recognizes the uniqueness and importance of each child and strives to create experiences wherein each child can learn to make choices, discover new pastimes, and explore new ideas in an environment that is safe, supportive, and creative. We are committed to doing our best to develop a safe and equitable program for all students. 

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Extended Day is hiring
Join the team that has been providing high-quality after-school enrichment and recreation opportunities for Holliston families for 31 years. Part-time (afternoon hours) with benefits. Candidates must be at least 20 years old with some experience. Email your resume or your questions to whitec@holliston.k12.ma.us.

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Questions??   Whitec@holliston.k12.ma.us

All kids need is 
a little help, 
a little hope, 
and someone 
who believes in them.

 - Magic Johnson

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                 Every kid
      is just one caring adult 
from being a success story.

- Josh Shipp


Extended Day Fun at Home
We can't wait to see you again when we return to school. In the meantime, let's stay connected and have some Extended Day FUN at home! Find fun Extended Day activities here:

On this website: Extended Day Fun at Home

We have plenty of room for you!
Register Now!

Three ways to enroll! Use the one that works best for you.
1) Enroll and set up your parent portal at the same time: Procare Application Link
2) Easy to use Google Form 
3) Stop by the Placentino Lobby between 3:45 and 5:30 

Extended Day and the change in school start times:

We recognize that the change in the school start times will bring changes in your needs for child care.  We want to reassure you, however, that we have been working to anticipate those needs and prepare for them.  You have probably heard that Extended Day often has a waiting list.  We try our best to meet the needs of the community, but sometimes demand does exceed our space or staff limitations. During the last months, however, we have been working together with the school administration to find ways to overcome the obstacles that limited our enrollment and create space for additional students. Toward that end we have:
  1. Re-aligned our grade group divisions. 
  2. Obtained use of additional space 
  3. Have planned for hiring additional teaching staff
With these changes, we expect to be able to add up to 100 additional spaces.   We are also doing our best to be able to keep our tuition as low as possible.  

Miller Bridge ProgramWe have also added the new Miller Bridge Program.  This 80-minute (1:53 – 3:13) program provides coverage for the time between the close of Miller school (1:53) and the close of Placentino School (3:15).  Students enrolled in this program will have the opportunity to have a snack, work on their homework, take part in Extended Day creative and recreation activities with friends, and be picked up at the same time as their Placentino sibling.  This program is available Monday – Thursday or Monday – Friday.

For the registration timetable and instructions, please click here

and Families already on our Waitlist.

Current families and families with a child currently on our waitlist should use the "Intent to Continue" form to register or re-register for 2020-21.