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5. Course Guidelines & Selection

To take advantage of present educational opportunities, students must become aware of the school’s Program of Studies. The curriculum at Holliston High School offers a range of opportunities. In selecting courses, students are encouraged to clarify decisions by consulting with teachers, counselors, and parents. Students not only should plan an appropriate sequence of courses within required subject areas, but also should consider related courses to extend their background or support future educational and career goals. Courses offered in all instructional areas should be weighed as possible choices.

A final course selection should represent the best program possible for an individual student. It should address abilities and needs. The school makes every effort to respond to a student’s choice of courses within the limitations of realities such as class size, course requirements, and possible scheduling conflicts once subjects have been verified with students and parents.

Once a student’s program has been scheduled, changes become not only difficult but also often impossible. Such changes are complicated further by their impact on other courses. Therefore, students are advised to plan carefully before reaching a decision.
In relating present educational decisions to future goals, students should be aware that entrance requirements vary from college to college. Therefore, each student is advised to check college catalogs to determine admission requirements.