Welcome to the HHS Standards-Based Grading site. Contained within this site is information relevant to Standards-Based Grading and it's implementation at HHS. While this site is intended to be comprehensive and continuously growing as resources are added, we understand that there may still be many questions. Please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Travis Graham, Principal (417-243-4045) to discuss any questions you may have concerning SBG at Hollister High School. In the meantime please explore the resources available within this site. Please note that this site is under continuous construction as we continuously work to establish a strong framework around Standards-Based Grading at Hollister High School


The purpose of grading at Hollister High School is to communicate what students know and are able to do, providing opportunities for students to set goals for growth.

Standards-Based Grading Overview

When the focus of grading is to give clear feedback and help the students take ownership of their learning, grading becomes a truly useful tool. Standards-Based Grading (SBG) allows opportunity for teachers to provide more meaningful feedback to our students and parents. SBG helps teachers do three things:

    • SBG helps us focus on the learning goals set forth for each course. Learning goals encompass the content, skills, or standards of which students will gain knowledge and understanding. Rather than a cumulative score, teachers are documenting the students' understanding specific to the learning goals identified for that course (example below). Utilizing SBG, teachers can identify specific concepts in which students are weak, allowing for targeted instruction to take place that meets students' specific academic needs.
    • SBG forces us to examine curriculum making sure each activity, test, and project has a purpose. Clear learning goals help us to be more intentional about our instruction and our classroom activities. Activities, assessments, and projects that don't aid in achieving learning goals are not necessary, allowing for more time to be spent on purposeful instruction that is both relevant and meaningful.
    • SBG helps teachers to provide clearer feedback that communicates how well a student is progressing towards mastery of a certain learning goal. SBG is an assessment and feedback method that helps teachers stay focused on the goals of the class, align all parts of curriculum to course goals, and gives students specific, actionable feedback about their strengths and weaknesses.
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