What's Happening?

Science:  The children did a wonderful job the Our Solar System play.  Everyone had someone in the audience to cheer them on.  It was a huge success!  Thank you all for taking time out of your busy schedule to support the children.  I hope to have a copy of the presentation up on this site shortly.  A password will be needed to view it so I will email that to you as soon as it's loaded.

Our Solar System from Jason Kries on Vimeo.

Language Arts:  The children are doing beautifully with their independent reading.  This may be the first marking period where all achieve their goal of 8 points.  However, we're still hoping for our first boy to achieve one of the AR awards.  Girls are still leading right now.  Come on boys...you can do it!

Math:  The children have all mastered their multiplication and division facts!  Woo Woo!!  Please continue to practice these each night as part of their homework responsibility because we know, if you snooze you loose.  We are working on fractions and moving toward perimeter and area problem solving.