Why do I hate twitter? There are several reasons why I hate the site that millions of people waste time on. First off, people do not care what I am doing every ten minutes. I could care less about someone's great lunch or new speakers. People should spend less time checking their twitter, and more time talking to someone in person. Besides, how many social media sites do you need? Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, texting,.. There is no need for all those sites. In our post modernistic world, we get the information that we want to hear and when we want it. It is a world all about yourself. Compared to modernism which is all about the truth and interested in the depth of meaning. People sat for hours on end; listening to a message or speech. 100 years ago. Now, someone cannot stand any lag while loading an internet page. People want facts now. 
    I hate hash tags. "The thing that annoys me the most about hash tags is that it promotes horrible grammar. An idea like "you're the best" is always typed out as #yourthebest" (Mango).  Good grammer is on the border of becoming absolute. 
    I hate re-tweeting. The whole idea of re-stating someone else's tweet and stating it as your own. Very original. 
    I hate people yearning for a reply. Alike Facebook, after you post, you want a reply or some sort of reaction from your followers. They cannot focus on anything unless their desire is fulfilled. So people's attention spans are very limited. 
    Twitter is making attention span shortened. "TV and the online space are not well-suited to lengthy, logical arguments. They're much better at amusing than informing or educating"(Johnson 1, 2). The information is getting shortened, shown in people spending 5 minutes on twitter every hour constantly checking it. Scott Johnson talks about in "Electronic media, altering our intelligence," how Abraham Lincoln debated against Stephen Douglas. 

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