Psychotherapy and counselling

You may be feeling generally unhappy, depressed or frustrated and keen to make changes. You may find counselling or psychotherapy helpful for emptiness, hopelessness, bereavement, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, stress, anger, substance or alcohol abuse, eating disorders, past or present difficult or abusive relationships as well as many other situations.

Whatever your reasons for seeking psychotherapy or counselling if you contact us we can arrange to discuss your requirements.

Types of Psychoterapy

What are the Benefits?

          Our clients and others, who have attended therapy, have reported positive movements towards their initial goals. We believe that the therapeutic relationship can be healing,                       enhancing relationships with those around us, as well as being able to feel better within oneself.  Our experience has shown us that the rewards can be truly life changing

When Psychotherapy Is Not Working: CBT and Short Term Psychodynamic Perspectives