Digital Citizenship

NEVER publish the following:

Your full name
Where you live (address)
Your phone number
How old you are (age & date of birth)
Sports clubs, dance, drama groups, etc you belong to
Too many photos!!!!!! 

Treat everyone as a stranger!

Remember all those rules you use in real life? Use them on the internet as well!

What if something pops up on your screen that is rude or scary??? Tell an adult straight away.

If you forward, comment or laugh at it - you are part of the bullying!
Do not join it! Help the person being bullied - tell someone!

Cyber Safety Golden Rules:

THINK - how does this make me feel?
ASK - Is this good or bad? Could I get hurt?
REMEMBER - some people lie about who they are.
NEVER give out personal details
NEVER arrange to meet anyone you don't know

5 - 7 year olds