Welcome to Hobsonville Point Secondary School’s very first school show project; Future 2025. This is a collection of performances created by our Year 9 foundation students that explores how to make Auckland the world’s most livable city. Just 11 years away, 2025 is fast approaching and the reality is there probably won’t be hover cars, robotic dogs or virtual realities for our community. In fact, when given the opportunity to explore the future and what would make it better, our students turned to real world issues they care about - crime, discrimination, transport, pollution and house prices - these were the themes that emerged as we explored how Auckland could be a better place.  
Our Yr 9 students wrote, choreographed, composed, designed, created, promoted and organised the show as an innovative way to inspire our community and our leaders. The show is designed to persuade people to consider what is important for everyone in Auckland, in the future. 

We have teamed up with the Auckland Council to help students have a ‘voice’ in local government, using performance as a platform, to highlight issues and
aspects of living in Auckland that are important to them. Auckland Council would like to hear from young people in order to better 
understand what their needs are
and support youth in our city.