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Welcome to a school with a desire to build a better community!  

Welcome to Build Our Culture, the first Big Project at HPSS.  Our Year 9 students (13 years old) have been working with local construction companies A V Jennings and a community development firm Hobsonville Land Company to explore the value of Hobsonville Point in the past, present and future.  The project involved:

  • Designing banners (1.8m x 3.0m) to be printed and displayed in the community next to construction sites, to reflect the past, present and future of this new community using HPSS Hobsonville Habits.

  • Exploring this context collaboratively, developing technical and thinking skills alongside conceptual understandings of community and cultural values.  Modes of exploration can be wide-ranging such as performance, design, writing, visual, action based, history, sculpture, sport, etc. Non picture based contexts will be captured in a photographic visual for the banners.

  • Exhibiting and sharing these new skills and understandings in an Exhibition at the school and Hobsonville Point Farmers Market - where the community can see our learning journey and final outcome of this Big Project.    

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