Sport & Culture


Hobsonville Point Primary School recognises that sports are an important aspect of student life, contributing to better health and well-being, as well as complementing their dispositional growth. Our focus is to provide a range of sports and encourage participation.


Currently, we focus on select sports where we have student demand. These schools are all played outside of school hours with parents managing, coaching and refereeing. There are many other sports available for extra-curricular activities, where demand and parent support is forthcoming we are happy to facilitate student participation.

Term 1 Touch Rugby

Term 2 Netball

Term 3 Netball, Basketball

Term 4 Touch Rugby, Basketball

We run an Athletics Day for all students and in 2018 students will have the opportunity to compete in a Cross Country. Throughout the year we also provide a number of opportunities for students to be introduced to sports through outside organisations and teacher run activities. This year students have had gymnastics, golf, table tennis and soccer sessions from different providers as well as a range of activities led by HPPS teachers and students or staff from Hobsonville Point Secondary School.

Additionally, our school puts forward teams to our cluster in a range of sports. These sports are played within school time and are dependent on student demand, assistance from parents and fit with the school calendar. In 2017 we hosted the cluster Table Tennis competition and sent students to tournaments for Football, Basketball, Athletics and Badminton.

Our school is a member of the North West Cluster. This includes Helensville, Huapai, Marina View, Riverhead, Taupaki, Waimauku and West Harbour. Tournaments and field days are organised by the cluster for a variety of sports. Each sport has its own specific arrangements such as year levels catered for or entry criteria. Many of these sports then have Inter-zone competitions for high achievers as part of the AAIMS year 7 and 8 Sports Organisation.

You can keep up to date with school sports information in the weekly newsletter and through the Hobsonville Point Sports Facebook page

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