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Employment Opportunities

We are currently employing multiple positions across the school.
An application pack is available here
The link to the gazette ad is here

What do we offer?

For us having a fun and family orientated culture is really important. We know that teaching is hard, so we do our best to make sure that you are well-supported. It is important to us that you are happy, then you'll be your best self and everyone benefits. This means we want you to have flexibility and be able to be there for your family which we do our best to support. - HPP Leadership Team

Do you find it difficult to get to the gym or make it to your own kids sports games?
"When I started teaching this year I was surprised to find that managing a positive work-life balance can be extremely difficult at times- there is always something else you want to do! As health and well-being is engrained in who I am, a big concern for me was, am I going to have to sacrifice my training in order to be the best teacher I can be? The answer was, and still is, no. Part of what makes me love the culture of our school is the respect and understanding colleagues, team leaders and the senior management have for the important aspects of our personal life- whether that is making your daily CrossFit session or celebrating a religious day such as Eid. It is through this respect and understanding that I feel valued as a staff member at Hobsonville Point Primary School." - Kothar Esau 

Do you have pre-schoolers and struggle with the demands of childcare? We have a great partnership with Hobsonville Point Early Learning Centre, which is right next door making the morning school run a lot easier.

Are you tired of the demands paperwork? In starting up a new school you have to be consciously deliberate and that has meant we ask the hard questions of whom and to what does this add value, if it doesn't then simply stated we don't do it. "I love the school's commitment to it's core values and that if any initiative/direction comes along it has to fit in. (Not blown by every wind of doctrine).  I love that meetings are short and purposeful.  I love we are given time and space to work through ideas and initiatives." - Max Brown | Year 4/5 Learning Advisor

Are your own children struggling in a more traditional school setting? Quite a few of our staff have their own own children at our school. We love seeing them flourish and it helps to create a really lovely, family friendly culture.

These are just a few of the benefits of working here and there are many more. We encourage people come in for a look around then chat so you can experience the uniqueness for yourself.

A few of our lovely staff and their children

"I believe in the potential of each child; I want our students to know who they are, and how they connect with others and the world around them. Education has to be relevant to them now and to provide them with the dispositions, skills and knowledge that gives them the opportunity to live a successful life. I believe that we have to personalise learning to our students and by knowing them and their families, we as teachers can be better equipped to achieve this. I’m passionate about education, and that is why I choose to become a teacher at HPPS, the vision, values and belief in a competency-based curriculum are without a doubt essential for me to be the teacher I want to be."  Margo Thorpe | Year 6/7/8 Learning Advisor 
How do we support?
Awesome staff cultureOur staff are amazing. These people are true givers and everyone who works here is deeply passionate about our vision and maintaining a culture with strong values. We are people orientated and care for others. The kids are great too and the reciprocally respectful relationship is really evident when you experience our place.

Personal Development Understanding what makes you 'tick' is really important for self awareness and the ability to work effectively with others. Every staff member has a Herrmann Brain Dominance profile done. This is a really useful guide that means you can be consciously aware of your preferred modes of working and how best to communicate with others.

Trips to Melbourne Quality and personalised PD is really difficult to find. On your second year at HPP we head over to Melbourne for a week of discovering new schools, reflecting and redesigning thinking. This is really powerful learning and a great way to bond with colleagues away from the usual pressures.

Coaching and mentoring ILEs and MLEs are frequently misunderstood. We offer loads of internal PD as you develop your pedagogical understanding and make sense of what it all means. You'll have one on ones, a personal coach, an experienced team-leader a critical friend and have opportunities to see lots of quality practice with-in our deprivatised environment.

Strong pedagogical leadership. We have some great talent across our school and people who are driven by a desire to redefine and push the boundaries of what education offers. There are lots of opportunities to get involved in networking with other future-focused schools and present at some interesting conferences.

Professional Networking We've had over 4000 visitors. We are well know for being an innovative, child centred school which requires staff to be able to confidently share their practice with others. Through teaching in this environment you develop a very strong teaching philosophy and there are lots of opportunities to build your professional network. We have strong relationships with schools in Australia, Singapore and the USA with lots of opportunities to share with others.

"Since my first year of teaching, Hobsonville Point Primary has always been a school that I have dreamt of working at. Now that my dream has become a reality I get to be surrounded by an encouraging, supportive and collaborative working environment where for the first time the school values are at the heart of everything that we do. I love that I am provided with endless opportunities and am constantly challenged to ‘dig deeper’. I love the supportive community spirit and the fact that not only children are excited to learn but teachers are excited to teach and are given the freedom to try new things. I love that “I wake up every day knowing I can grow, influence a life, love a child and love what I do”. - Collette Byrne Ashleigh Bloor | Year 2/3 Learning Advisor

Does any of this resonate with you? We are a rapidly growing school and have positions opening all the time so don't hesitate in emailing daniel@hpps.school.nz to get in touch.

We are currently employing multiple positions across the school.
An application pack is available here
The link to the gazette ad is here