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Project Learning

Student Voice

Why do you love Project Learning?

"Through Project Learning I had the opportunity to plan and organise an inter-school football tournament which I loved as I love playing football. " Bailey Age 11

"One of my favourite projects was I made a music video so I played the music and filmed it then it got played on the big screen at a movie night with the community." Harrison Age: 10

"I really enjoyed learning through the Design Process when we took trash and turned it into fashion. We entered a competition and some of us won." Nelle Age:11

The Hobsonville Point education system is responsive to our students.  We value student voice, their passions and their needs.  We know when you personalise the learning experience for children they become curious and engaged.  Project Learning allows us to create a system that gives the students the opportunity to shine, challenge themselves, experience new learning and learn authentically.  We can engage our most diverse learners, giving them the opportunity to put new knowledge, skills and understandings to use.  We value student voice and this means we create a system to meet their needs, carefully tailoring projects alongside students that challenges and stimulates them.   

Project Learning is an exciting stage of learning the sees our students build on what they have learned in Immersion by creating new designs, products, services or experiences. It is the transference of prior knowledge, new ways of thinking and application of greater understanding.  It could look like a child who is passionate about helping others organising a fundraising event, or a child who is interested in the physics of flight studying this and preparing some workshops to teach others or the group of keen film-makers creating a short film and entering a National Competition.

We design projects alongside our learners that require deep inquiry, complex problem-solving and opportunity for learners to grow themselves disposition-ally.  Often children are working by themselves or with peers, building responsibility and the ability to work effectively alongside others.  

Students have the freedom to learn somewhat autonomously, learning to manage their time and resources whilst they work towards a goal. They learn about perseverance and resilience as they make mistakes and learn from them, we encourage risk-taking and teach them that they are active participants in driving their learning.    

Projects are authentic and real-life which often means they are connecting their hands, brains and hearts.  The child learn content within contexts that they are passionate and interested in.  We encourage sharing what they have learned with others to grow in confidence, consolidate their thinking and inspire others.

The following are some of the methodologies that we leverage to enable us to personalise projects for our students:

  • Project Based Learning
  • Passion Projects
  • Inquiry (Independent & Guided)
  • Service Based Projects
  • Design Process