School Visit

We pride ourselves on being a learning environment that is different to what we experienced at school. Because of this we invite you to visit the school with your children prior to enrolling so that you can experience what we do and the different space. To arrange a visit, please contact Karma and she will book you in. For our pre-school enrolments we encourage you to have 2-3 visits before starting school. Again, this can be arranged through Karma.

IT/ Cybersafety/ BYOD

The internet is available throughout the school.  When ready, students are given a school-managed Google Apps for Education (GAFE) account. 
Within this account students will be given access to the following:
- Gmail  
- Google Drive (including access to docs, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, etc) 
- Youtube
These accounts are managed by the school for the purpose of learning. Click here for further information or speak to your child's teacher.

When your child is enrolled you are asked to return an IT/ cybersafety/ BYOD agreement form. You will also be asked to give permission for your child’s work and/or photograph to be published on school publications e.g. blogs, websites, etc.  Click here to see agreement.

At HPPS we support students who want to bring their own device to support their learning (BYOD is not compulsory). We also have an agreement with Noel Lemmings in Westgate. If you are looking to purchase a device, go into the Westgate store and let them know you are a HPPS family. They can help out with the best device to suit your needs. 

School Lunches/ Brain food

We know that nutrition directly affects your child’s ability to learn and concentrate. We also support and encourage our students to have regular brain food breaks. Please ensure your child has healthy, balanced lunchbox - click here for ideas.  We ask that parents do not include fizzy drinks or lollies in their children’s lunches and that students do not share food.

Before/ After school Care

Premium Kids Care (PKC) offer onsite before and after-school care. Should you require more information, please contact Carol on 021 267 5832, email or visit the PKC website.