Brother Flavian Laplante, C.S.C.

Servant of God Brother Flavian Laplante, C.S.C.

Zealous missionary of outreach and inner peace

Dorian Laplante was born in Saint-Louis de Richelieu, Canada on July 27, 1907. He entered the Holy Cross novitiate in 1923, taking the name Brother Flavian. On August 16, 1932, Brother Flavian made his perpetual profession of vows in the Congregation of Holy Cross. From 1933 until his death on June 19, 1981, Brother Flavian Laplante CSC was a Holy Cross missionary in the diocese of Chittagong, Bangladesh.

We remember Brother Flavian as a zealous missionary, a pioneer in education, an apostle to the fishermen, an advocate for justice for the fishermen, a man of action who could move mountains and finally as a contemplative hermit – ending his life in an ashram and living as a shadhu.

The witness of his life as a Holy Cross religious, as an active promoter of love, justice and solidarity for the poor, as a spiritual person, as a man of dialogue not only within the Christian community, but among people of other religions, and as a fervent devotee of the Blessed Virgin Mary is well known among the people who were in contact with him, who heard of him and who read publications concerning him. They speak and testify to the heroicity of his virtues of faith, hope and charity, of his extraordinary moral virtues of justice, prudence, courage, of his temperance, his perseverance, his endurance in suffering and his perfection in charity. They seek his intercession in prayer. The Servant of God’s reputation for sanctity grows rapidly among the people who were in contact with him – priests, religious, lay men and women, among Christians and people of other religions. His cause was opened in February 2009.

(from News from the Generalate, YR 6, NO 2, February 2009

Prayer for the beatification of Servant of God Flavian Laplante

Lord God,

We give you joyful thanks for the life of Brother Flavian Laplante, apostle to the fishermen and hermit of Diang. Through his prayers, his apostolic courage and concern for others, he restored dignity to neglected people in Bangladesh and provided for the care of orphans. His devotion to Mary, your mother, his enthusiasm and his humble life of generous service to the poor and needy invite us to dedicate ourselves to you by a life of service to those in need.

We beseech you, therefore, to hasten the day of his beatification for the good of all people and in particular for the Church and the people of Bangladesh.

Lord, you said, “Ask and you shall receive.” We come to you to ask that you hear our prayer. It is through the intercession of Brother Flavian Laplante that we ask…

May Brother Flavian’s example encourage us to carry our own cross with patience and to strive to imitate his virtues in our daily life of service to others. We ask this grace of you who live and reign in union with the Father and the Holy Spirit now and forever. Amen