Our Team at Humboldt Network of Family Resource Centers (HNFRC)

Mark Weller - HNFRC Chairperson

Mark began his tenure with HNFRC in 2016, when he served for 1 year as an AmeriCorps VISTA national service volunteer placed with the network. After completing his service term with AmeriCorps in 2017, Mark was hired on by Jefferson Community Center (one of the network member sites) and has continued his involvement with the collaborative work at HNFRC as a representative of Jefferson.
Mark presently serves as Deputy Director for the Westside Community Improvement Association (parent organization of the Jefferson Community Center), overseeing on-site programs as well as engaging in collaborative community projects. 

Mark is a graduate of the Cascadia Center for Leadership, and holds a degree in Finance. Along with his role at Jefferson, Mark additionally serves as a Community Representative on the Northcoast Children's Services Policy Council.

In June 2018, HNFRC members nominated Mark to serve a 1 year term as Chairperson of the network. As HNFRC Chairperson, Mark is responsible for representing the needs, concerns, and interests of each and all of our member resource centers when it comes to our collective network partnering with other agencies and providers. Mark also serves as the representative for HNFRC, managing external communications in tandem with HNFRC Coordinator Taffy Stockton. 

"As HNFRC Chairperson, I hope to follow a legacy of supporting our network's efforts to collaborate, mutually uplift one another, and collectively seek out ways to fill in the gaps and meet the diverse needs of Humboldt's residents from county line to county line." 

Taffy Stockton - HNFRC Network Coordinator

Taffy has been with the Network as their Coordinator since 2013. A 4th generation Humboldt County resident, Taffy has been working with Humboldt County non-profits since 2001. She has worked with dozens of Humboldt County non-profits, in her early days as a Fundraising Director and Executive Director, and for the last 9 years, a non-profit consultant.

Taffy's experience with HNFRC:
"I am so proud to be working with HNFRC. The work our 17 member sites do in supporting and strengthening families throughout the County truly changes lives. I am honored to be able to support that work through our joint projects, grants and trainings."