HNFRC delivers our first Clothes4Kids Pilot Program in 3rd Quarter 2016

posted Feb 2, 2017, 2:00 PM by Mark Weller   [ updated Feb 2, 2017, 2:03 PM ]

Clothes4Kids 2016 Pilot Program - Aggregate Data from Surveys & Orders

Funded by a grant from: 
North Coast Grantmaking Partnership

Clothes4Kids 2016 Pilot Program Managed by:
Westside Community Improvement Association (WCIA) in collaboration with Humboldt Network of Family Resource Centers (HNFRC)

Total Program Funding: $15,000

WCIA Administrative Cost: 

Program Budget for Clothing: $13,500

Number of Families Served: 115

Children Served: 221

Regional HNFRC Member Resource Centers Involved in Delivering Clothes4Kids 2016 Pilot Program Outreach:
Arcata Family Resource Center, Blue Lake Community Resource Center, Bridgeville Community Center, Fortuna Family Resource Centers, Hupa Family Resource Center, Jefferson Family Resource Center, Loleta Community Resource Center, Manila Community Resource Center, Marshall Family Resource Center, Mattole Valley Resource Center, McKinleyville Family Resource Center, Rio Dell Community Resource Center, South Bay Pine Hill Healthy Start, Southern Humboldt Family Resource Center, Willow Creek Community Resource Center

Loleta Community Resource Center joins HNFRC in June 2016!

posted Jun 19, 2016, 3:47 PM by HNFRC Admin   [ updated Jun 19, 2016, 3:49 PM ]

HNFRC is delighted to announce that Loleta Community Resource Center has joined our collaborative effective June 15, 2016!

Loleta CRC is sponsored by St. Joseph Health through its 'Community Benefits' outreach division. Loleta CRC represents the fourth St. Joseph Health sponsored center to join HNFRC's membership, accompanying the other St. Joseph sponsored centers of Blue Lake, Rio Dell and Willow Creek.

Loleta CRC brings a wealth of knowledge of the Latino community, with experience and insight in how to best serve a culturally diverse population. Loleta CRC's coordinator, Marina Cortez-Hash, is bilingual/bicultural and has been a long-time member of LatinoNet and Promotores de Salud and has developed skills unique to working with and advocating for Spanish-speaking families.

As the Loleta community is one with high needs and diversity and as it has until now not been served by HNFRC, the addition of Loleta CRC to HNFRC's membership will further bolster the accessibility to and breadth of services available to Humboldt County residents.

HNFRC and Loleta CRC look forward to the future of this new partnership, with aspirations to bring additional information, increased community connection and improved resources to the people living in Loleta and the surrounding Eel River Vally. 

Loleta Community Resource Center 'CRC' location and contact information follow:

Loleta Community Resource Center
700 Loleta Drive (on-site at the Loleta Elementary School)
Loleta, CA 95551

Marina Cortez-Hash
Coordinator, Loleta CRC

Welcome to HNFRC's new website!

posted Jun 19, 2016, 12:20 PM by Mark Weller   [ updated Jun 19, 2016, 12:21 PM ]

Beginning in 2016 and going into 2017, HNFRC has been taking on major technological capacity building projects with the end goals of increasing our membership's collaborative opportunity, improving our network's transparency with our sponsors and the communities we serve, and building on our legacy of improving the cohesion of social services throughout Humboldt County.

Among these projects include a rollout of Google-donated Enterprise Resource Planning software, HAF-donated videoconferencing hardware, and also the addition of this public website at

This website will be used to showcase the following information: 
  • What our mission, values and goals are, and how we are accomplishing them
  • The history of HNFRC (formerly known as HSSCP) 
  • Who our members are and what each of them are working on
  • Our network's current operations
  • Which events in the community our network will be represented at
  • Information about community resources & opportunities
  • How to get in contact with our network
We look forward to adding new content to this website as news comes about, ideas arise, and change occurs. We welcome your feedback on our website and encourage you to get in contact with us should you have any questions about our network's construct, membership, operations, etc.

We also look forward to adding a social media presence in the Summer of 2016, so look out for HNFRC on your social media channels and please like us and add us on through social media to show your support for our network and our members!

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