The networking epicenter for resource centers
(spanning and serving all of Humboldt County, California)

Our Mission:
  Through collaboration, mutual support and respect, our family strengthening network improves child, family and community health and well-being. 

Our network is a collaborative mind of nonprofits
The Humboldt Network of Family Resource Centers acts as a hub and a collaborative mind for local nonprofits to share best practices, build relationships, and form coalitions to address community concerns.

Our members believe that cohesive social services are effective social services
As a network, we strongly believe that more coordinated social services agencies are more impactful and beneficial to the community. Our network brings together agencies comprised of governmental departments, healthcare systems, educational institutions, and community-led nonprofits, all thinking together.

17 HNFRC Member Sites  |||  Serving Over 150,000 Residents  |||  ONE Community
Although every one of our Network Members works in unique ways, we come together to work on helping our greater community at large. We are a team built with teams - a unified heart and voice in our community.