The Three Brothers

       As you read this book, you will find yourself entering into a new and strange world. This book takes an interesting look at the relationship between “Forest Friends,” nature, and transformation, and could be classified in any number of older categories. The tales within inspire with their universal appeal. Almost any older age reader will find the book intelligent, but it is not for everybody. This is a delightful read that will lift your consciousness.

Karel Hlobil will take you on a journey by telling you the traditional story of three young princesses, three brothers, and of course, Forest Friends. This book’s material expands an individual's understanding of the world in which they live and provides an aesthetic experience, stimulates the imagination, and increases an individual's potential creativity.

This four-book series is a collection of beautifully created short stories that are full of heart, wisdom, adventure, and valuable life lessons always with good, positive endings. No matter if you're old or young; you will undoubtedly enjoy the Earth-based spirituality garnered by the Forest Friends and nature. The stories will take you on journeys to the nature of desire, the secret of friends, how inner and outer light are reflections of each other, the importance of play, and other amazing lessons that will awaken and delight your spirit. The illustrations will also help to illuminate your spirit while impeccably adding to the nature of the stories. This book is about getting to the heart of each and every one of you through the path of positive experiences that are intensely transformative.

Originally written as a children's book, The Three Brothers is really a deeply spiritual book. Your older children will be dazzled by the imaginary creatures and fantasylands, while you will discover deep spiritual messages and awe-inspiring symbolism that is prevalent in every single chapter. In the broad scope of the spiritual life, we see faith not as something you have but as something you are in—a relationship. It involves an awareness of and atonement to God's presence in our everyday experiences. God is here, the lead dancer, and the soul is the partner completely attuned to the rhythm and patterns, and you are here as the observer individual, unique individual—always special.

ISBN 978-0-9876712-1-9

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Michael’s Initiation

Michael breathed in the air blowing between the forest trees and mountains where the cave entrance lay. He tried to think of a way to escape this strange place. His look remained fastened on the endless ribbon of the stream, with the fields rolling out beside it as far as his eyes could see. He was trying to see if he could spot anything from his familiar world, anything he could recognize.

It was night. The moon was spilling out of the heavens in cascading waterfalls of light. A misty fern curled up for the night and two dream owls hovered overhead, their silvery reflection in the stream below seen only by the stars. A quiet magic hung in the air and enchanted the meadow filled with fauns and fairies made this place even more magical.

Michael listened to the sound of the night and smelled the air deeply and gazed at his surroundings. His thin cotton summer dress rippled in the warm wind as he lay mesmerized. The stream had moonlight secrets hidden in its lowest points. Its surface was like satin, and glass-clear water showed his reflection.

A mist was forming over its surface and grew and swirled as if it had life of its own. The mist reached out over the entire place. The soft sound of the forest breeze lulled him into a calm place. The faint perfumes of the wildflowers around him was strong, and the rich turpentine smell of evergreens in the air wafted to his sensitive nose. As he approached the place between cave and stream, he saw thousands of crystals lying on the sand, their luminescent beauty reflected by the light of the full moon. Each crystal seemed to have its own inner glow that was so magical and mysterious.

Michael placed seven crystal stones into his pocket and heard a deep sound. The four stones represented four directions; the three stones represented the past, the present, and the future. Touching the crystal activated a resonance with him. The ground began to shake beneath his feet. The mountain was moving and valleys were forming, being pushed up into jagged edges reaching for the sky. The cave opened its dark entrance like an open mouth, luring Michael inside. When he passed the cave’s opening, he felt like he had crossed into another plane of existence.

The cave was home to deep crevices in the ground. From these cracks came plumes of smoke followed by leaping flames. When he passed the Element of Fire, the deep cave water lapped gently against his feet. He felt the lunar pull coming to him through the water. The Water Element was strong. He quickly slipped through the water, experiencing the subdued power of the mountain water, where he was able to hear a tumbling stream that splashed through the mountain toward the river. He felt a tremendous surge of power as he slid down a great waterfall. He felt the intelligence of life-forms that lived in this deep water. The waterfall flung mist into the humid cave.

The Element of Air played all around Michael, whistling in his ears and gently stirring the nearby tree branches. He felt the power of healing: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. He drifted down until he touched and merged with the Element of Earth. From there he sank deep into the rich soil of the outside floor, and he saw roots of plant life and many forms of insects—all life that inhabited the darkness of the soil. He felt the hidden richness of life in every form of soil around the Earth. He felt the heartbeat of the planet. An absolute calm filled his heart as he began to understand the balance and perfection of the universe through the elements.