..Fairy Tales of Our Grandmothers

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  STORIES THAT NEVER GROW OLD THOSE WERE THE  DAYS !                           
           New Book- FAIRY TALES OF OUR GRANDMOTHERS    ISBN 978-0-9876712-0-2                                                                                                   

           Genre: Fiction/Fantasy/Young Adult/Children's

By Karel Hlobil
Illustrated by Patrick Krasny
Book Edited by Jo-Ann Langseth

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Karel Hlobil 2012 All rights reserved

Fairy Tales of Our Grandmothers is ideal for those still seeking to discover their  role in the world, for those who enjoy nature and the beauty of the Earth and sky, and for those who are open to exploring and meeting challenges with new friends—Forest Friends. In these pages I invite you to come along with three young princesses who, one cloudy afternoon, disappear from their garden and find themselves among all manner of friends – and foes.

Lured into the wild forest around their palace by nursemaid Joana, Princesses Elene, Slava, and Anat are suddenly on their own. Abandoned in the middle of the forest, where night becomes blacker than any darkness you can imagine, and is finally impenetrable, the girls have no choice but to stop and rest.  Unknown to them, while they sleep, three Fates approach them, forecasting the destiny of each.  

As predicted, all three girls are sent to one of three distinct realms. Slava is given life in the Setting Sun-Lowerworld; Anat in the Rising Sun-Middleworld, and Elene in the Sitting Sun-Upperworld.  And in each of these worlds, the girls are destined to experience a uniquely necessary dynamic of life, in which love has its own particular identity. In their journeys, they   also happen upon various ancestors, make new friends, and help many others.

When Elene, the eldest, opens her eyes in the Sitting-Sun realm, she finds herself surrounded by deities of other cultures, mythic creatures, and Guardian Angels, many of whom offer divine assistance. Pervading all, the very Source of Life introduces Elene to different planetary energies. She then rises out of this time, enters the orbit of lunar consciousness, and experiences the attraction of the energies that create life --vital life force. Meanwhile, Slava, the middle girl, finds herself standing in the foothills of a mountain range, a place of extreme danger but also a place of learning. Here she’s told about the squabbles of Wolf Derek and Red Fox Grandmother. Coming to rest by a mountain stream, Slava encounters Veles, Lord of the Lowerworld, and her life takes an unusual turn – aboard a magic carpet!

Anat, the third girl, follows a young boy and, after a while, feels her body becoming like the constantly flowing water of the Middleworld. At the same time, she feels like the stars, tossed randomly across the sky. This is a realm of mythic creatures, animal allies, and even regular people. Anat meets Wizard Rupert, Hasterman-taterman, who is master of the rivers, three goofy golems, and the frog Lily, who helps in her adventures.

It’s a gorgeous day in summer when the sisters are at last reunited.  In their many years apart, they’d found their own ancestors, along with many other wise ones.  The legacy of these helpers is an understanding beyond words, including knowledge of the past, the present, and the future.

Finally, everything ends awash in love, especially when the girls meet each other and then their parents, who had missed them so terribly. The Fates must have seen this outcome, for where there is love, there is usually a good ending, and where there is a good ending, there is sure to be a good beginning, as you will find in these stories.


Artist Jan P. Krasny      All rights reserved

Greetings, my friends,

       This book is for everybody, but is especially for those who love nature and all kinds of animals -- our “Forest Friends”-- and for those who want to see fairies dance in the moonlight. If you believe that faith can move mountains, you can follow the thread of this book with me. It is a book filled with surprises and magic. Within its pages you will glide along a blue lake teeming with fish, and walk through green meadows jumping with deer, rabbits, and many other friends – our Forest Friends.

Be prepared for a long journey into an unknown land and kingdom of Earth’s last unclaimed land, the Land of the Rising Sun and the Land of the Setting Sun, where history keeps repeating itself, as in these stories. You may meet angels or “mythic” creatures here, as well as faeries, elves, gnomes, dragons, the Hasterman-taterman, the Lord of Animals, and Cerridwen, the Earth and Underworld Goddess -- the good and the bad, the positive and the negative, just as in our world today.

You will also see and sense a land of new riches, bright beauty, and fresh opportunities, where the joy of life and peace trembles in each opening bud; where songs of the whispering breeze and gurgling brooks call to you magically -- all riches and beauty cupped together under the dome of a laughing, magical blue sky. This is a time of wonder, curiosity, danger, and love. Where there is love there is usually a good ending, and where there is a good ending there is also a new beginning.

I hope you will learn to align yourself with the powers of nature, appreciate the present moment, and embrace life as an exciting adventure, where the Mind receives and creates, Force (energy) performs, and Matter appears.

Every boy here is a prince and every girl is a princess. God is King, and all of us are His/ Her sons and daughters. We’re all children of God, so we’re all princes and princesses.