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Imagine having fresh, LIVE, daily content on your website or Facebook Page - all for FREE. You can!

Follow the instructions below to embed the HyperLocalLIVE stream on your website, or use the Livestream app to add our stream to your Facebook page
To add our stream to a website:


To add our stream to a Facebook Page:

This is a slightly more involved procedure, but follow the step by step instructions below to make it easier.

  1. Make sure you have a Facebook "Page" ... information on how to do this is HERE.
  2. Once you have a "Page" established, be logged in as that Page on Facebook and go to the LiveStream page.
  3. Click on the green "Get Started" button.
  4. This will bring you to a "Request for Permission" window for Livestream to interface with your Facebook "Page" ... click "Allow".
  5. You should now be looking at a screen that says "Add a Livestream tab to any of your Facebook pages" ... a box will show the "Page" you're logged in as, with a button saying "Add Page Tab" ... click this.
  6. At this point you'll be looking at another "permission" window, asking if it's OK to add the Livestream application ... click the "Add Livestream" button.
  7. This should take you back to your Facebook "Page" ... and there should now be a Livestream listing in the left-hand column. Click on this.
  8. There should be "Setup your page." info in the main column. Click on the blue "Use Existing Channel" button.
  9. This will bring up a "Channel Settings" screen. Click on the BOTTOM option of "Other Channel".
  10. A text box (preceded with "") should now be up. Type in HLLCHICAGO and check the "Show Chat" and "Show Video Library" boxes beneath it. Now click on the blue "Select Channel" button.
  11. If all went the way it's supposed to, you should now be looking at the Livestream feed of HyperLocalLIVE Chicago Edition in the main column of your Facebook "Page".
  12. The HLLChicago Livestream feed is now one click away, in the same menu as your Page's info, wall, photos, etc.!
  13. You may also want to change the name of the Tab from "Livestream" to "HLL Chicago". To do this, click the "Edit Page" button on the top of your Facebook "Page", then click on the "Apps" tab in the left column, and then click on "Edit Settings" link in the Livestream app listing. This will pop up a box "Edit Livestream Settings", which has a text box for a "Custom Tab Name", in which you might want to type in HLL Chicago ... and hit "Save" and "Okay".