US CMS, March 7-9, 2011

"U.S. CMS consists of more than 400 physicists, 200 graduate students and 200 engineers, technicians and computer scientists, making it the largest national group in the international collaboration."

Please visit About U.S. CMS pages for more information.

  • CMS Tier 2
  • CMS Tier 3 Morning Session
  • Joint CMS/ATLAS Tier 3 Afternoon Session
  • Open Science Grid
Locations in the Conference Center:
  • BR - Bray Room, Ground Floor
  • PR - Pechet Room, Ground Floor
  • Elements Cafe, Ground Floor
  • Rm 216, Second Floor
  • R - Rotunda, Third Floor
Other Locations:
  • Gordon Hall
Meeting Organizers: Ken Bloom (Tier 2), Rob Snihur (Tier 3)

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 Monday    Location/Moderator
 8:00-8:30  Registration and Continental Breakfast  PR
 8:30-8:55  State of OSG - Opening Remarks  PR/Ruth Pordes
 9:00-12:00  Tier 2 Meeting
 12:00-2:00  Lunch  Cafeteria/2nd Floor Lounge
 1:45-2:30  Enterprise Solution Vendor Showcase
 2:30-5:30  Tier 2 Meeting
 8:00-8:30  Continental Breakfast and Registration 
 Keynote: Biomedical Research at HMS
 PR/Gael McGill
 9-noon CMS Tier 3 Meeting
 noon-2:00 Lunch  Cafeteria/Second Floor Lounge
 noon-2:30  Vendor Demo Session
 2:00-2:30  Science Highlights Session
Physics at a CMS Tier 3
PR/Wei Li 
 2:30-5:30 Joint ATLAS/CMS Tier 3 Meeting
 7:00-9:00  Dinner Elements Cafe
 8:00-8:30  Healthy Breakfast  Rotunda
 8:30-5:30  Joint Session with OSG
 5:30-7:00 Reception Rotunda
 9:00-12:00  Speak with OSG Experts Sessions
 Gordon Hall
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